Monday, October 4, 2010

Can He Sell Sexy?.. Rob's Covers By The Numbers

After celebrating the news that Rob and Kristen's Harper's Bazaar cover was just named cover of the year, we came across a great new article that breaks down the numbers on some of our other favorite covers with Rob.

This dreamy December 2009 cover sold 405,000 copies, which will make any circulator’s heart start racing. According to ABC statistics, the average for the Jul/Dec 2009 period was 421,833, making this cover the second worst of their rate base period…4% below average. However, it sold a lot more than the December 2008 cover…27% more copies in fact…which featured a steamy Kate Winslet. I’m guessing Vanity Fair is quite happy with their Vampire cover’s performance.

Big Sales.

The best-selling issue from the Jan/Jun 2010 rate base period, this sexy cover sold 67,000 copies…33% more than their overall average for the statement. It also sold 14% more copies than the same time slot in 2009. I’m sure the 10th Anniversary sky bar didn’t hurt the sale either.

According to ASME copy, “Details wanted to, in the words of photographer Norman Jean Roy, transform Pattinson from “teen-idol vampire boy into a more adult version of himself.” To achieve that, creative director Rockwell Harwood decided to rent a gothic mansion outside of Los Angeles, hire several female models who were willing to spend an entire day naked and dress a 23-year-old British heartthrob in high-end designer clothing.” 
Check out the rest of the covers mentioned and how they did at Masthead.

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  1. "...hire several female models who were willing to spend an entire day naked and dres..." OMG :) I think there are some of females, maybe even female models, who would pay for that possibility :) Saved money could be used for charity :-)

  2. thing he has the James Bond look happing

  3. omg! I have this 'Vanity Fair', Dec.2009 issue..Rob is Soo hot and handsome in this photo shoots...managed to buy this from a specialist mags shop in Manila in march 2010..@ Rilwen,..ITA with u !!hi to my favs,and twilola!

  4. @twilightnan, I have this and Harpers bazar cover too..and a bunch of others lik GQ and vanity fair etc..yep I bought it all ...he is my baby,I mean son..hahaha i wish...

    @Anonymous, great you said that...I wish he does a James bond movie in the future...I love to see him with ladies and guns and cool cars...(in the movies)..In real life he can stay with Kristen..no guns and ofcourse he can have a safe car...

    Love to my favs..

  5. I have Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair on my Bedside Table, they go no where, if I need a quick fix they are right there for me to admire.
    His Details photoshoot shows him as a perfect MOTU Edward, devilishly handsome and oh so dangerous.

  6. I can't wait till this next movie comes out...maybe we will get a new cover early next year! <3

  7. http://www.popsugar.com/Pictures-Robert-Pattinson-Kristen-Stewart-Together-LA-After-Dinner-11347548

  8. if he CAN'T sell sexy i don't know WHO can.. ;)

    tks RPN for the info

    hey @mrs.deen! how r u darling?.glad to see ya :)

    hugs to my FAVS and all Rob fans

  9. HI@yaelfica, I am always here honey...there is no where to go....I love to be where my favs are so here I am....

    I watched ET and saw Rob and Kristen out after dinner ....As long as he is happy we are happy too...

  10. All of you favs are sooo lucky. I came into the Twilight world after all the magazines have been published and sold so I will just comfort myself with a few pics here and there. The mags are now collectibles and they will be priceless in the time to come so guard them with your lives.
    Rob as James Bond, wow!! What a thought...
    Funny Mrs. Deen, "no guns and of course he can have a safe car"....

    Regards to all the favs!


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