Friday, October 22, 2010

Votes Wanted: Rob Nominated For BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Rob is nominated in the following categories:

Best Actor

This cat­e­gory is for the most excit­ing young British actor or actress star­ring in film. The panel’s nom­i­na­tions are British Cit­i­zens, and have per­formed in a cin­e­mat­i­cally released film, released between 3rd Octo­ber 2009 and 3rd Octo­ber 2010.

Best Dressed

This award cel­e­brates an indi­vid­ual who has demon­strated style and a cool per­sonal fash­ion sense over the past year. The panel’s nom­i­na­tions are well known pub­lic fig­ures, and British citizens.

So what are you waiting for.. VOTE NOW.


  1. Just Voted!!So come on" ROB "needs your support you can vote until October 24--2030hrs(deadline) for casting your votes!!he looks gorgeous in that pic..sunglasses ..so cool!!hi to my favs..my sweet..@Iluvthemovies..thinking of you..hugs to you as always.

  2. My duty is done. I wonder, has Rob ever lost any of these contests when the voting is fan based? Makes me feel a bit sorry for the others, but only a bit.

  3. easy voting too, no creating an account, yada yada.

  4. Done!
    No real competition's there...Rob will definitely win!) Our force is overwhelming:)

  5. hello Lovelies @twilightnam, @iluvthemovies, @yaelfica and the crew from RPN! hope you are all well. OMG you are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE my brush with fame last night! Talk about degrees of separation, I am officially one degree away from ROB! Last night I spent like ten minutes talking to Marcus Foster, he played a few songs for a group of us at someone's house and i was sitting about 2 metres away and then after I went to meet him, what a talented guy and so sweet! you will not beleive this but after I met him and spoke to him I was thinking I am sure I know this guy from somewhere but I just cant think where and then it hit me !!! I must say i was blown away at his amazing voice, (he is so totally natural on the guitar it;s not funny) which half way through I couldn't help but thinking this reminds me of the song "Let me Sign" and then once I had left the party I was thinking OMG , I cant beleive who i've just met ! anyways who knows maybe next time he'll be with his royal hotness ;0). BTW Voting - done. Love the pic with the totally cute glasses.

  6. @giulia, great story! thanks for sharing!

  7. And don't forget clear the all cookies, and you can vote again and again. And what about People's Choice ? Do you vote for him too?

  8. OMG!!! tks for the story @giulia!! so awesome...i would die if a meet even a friend of ROB xD

    hi my FAVS and every ROB fan

  9. @giulia..yep, meeting Rob is not far now if you were that lucky to meet his mate. You never know when fate will smile on you.

    @JA..our lucky stars might shine on us too during our planned trip next year. You never know....

    @twilightnan, smart move giving the link to Shaui. The more fans who know, the better. I've done my good deed and voted for Rob already.

    How are you doing, Yaelfica? Regards to the rest of the favs.