Saturday, October 9, 2010

Even Screen Legend Sir Michael Caine Recognizes Rob's Star Power

During an interview with the Sunday Star Times, Sir Michael Caine had some very complimentary words about Rob and his future in the biz:

Talent-spotting is an unreliable art, but Caine still likes to have a go. He's not terribly excited by the current crop of vampire antiheroes.

"They all look the same ... very slight dark young men with very bright eyes and pale skin. But I'm sure some of them will develop into big stars – the boy [Robert] Pattinson will, I'm sure." 
With an acting career that spans more than 45 years, Caine should know.. after all he was a hottie in his day and is still going strong.  

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  1. What an honor to have Sir Michael Caine say that u may be the next big thing. He already is big in star power, however, I feel his acting talent well soon explode onto the big screen with WFE. Don't get me wrong I think he was outstanding in Remember Me and his pre and post Twilight Saga films. He has such great potential, I know he will knock their socks off. I believe critics were unfair towards him when he performed in Remember Me, they kept referring to his Edward persona, he is so much more than Edward and I know he will surpass that role and do fabulous things in the future. It is so lovely to hear that Sir Michael Caine thinks the same way I and countless other women do.

  2. Hi!Iluvthemovies,I totally agree w/u..I can't wait to see Bel Ami and Water For Elephants next year,to showcase his talents and i do believe like u that he will "knock their socks off"..roll on 2011..millions of Rob's fans around the globe are on suspended/build-up ecstasy ready to explode in 2011!!Hugs to my favs and Twilola:)

  3. I hope that twilight won't be brought up in every conversation during the WFE press circuit. Not that I'm not a twilight fan but thusobie will be this movie has the ability to bring him to a whole new level.

  4. I adore Sir Michael Caine. Now...more . Yes, I hope too Nicole. Hugs for everybody, it' a lazy sunday afternoon. My son is playing piano, and I take a look around after Rob. And after it goin to read the new chapter of MoTU

  5. I agree with all of you. I love Sir Michael Cain and I am very happy to read his words. It is great that he remembered Rob among the others... I think Robs´ potential is very big, in Remember Me he was excellent and I think he can go for even more. My interest in him is not just for how he looks like but for his personality and talent too. Of course, he is gorgeous as Edward, but it is just a role and people confuse it very often. I am not an expert and I think it's not even those who claim that Rob can not play. Let´s wait what feature brings us...:)
    To twmmy: here, in Czech it is afternoon just now and it is all the same - my dauther is playing in her room and I have a little time for myself...:-)

  6. @twmmy, I just wanted to know how far r u from that red sludge that I am hearing from the news. It seems u are not near it but just checking to make sure all is well with u. The next chapter in MOTU, well it keeps getting better and exciting.

  7. I def agree with everyone's comments above. Having Sir Michael Caine recognize the talent Rob possesses is quite a great honor indeed because Sir Michael is a highly acclaimed veteran actor who continues to make high calibre movies in Hollywood. Rob continues to hone his craft with each movie he makes and although the Twilight/Edward stereotyping sometimes poses as a hindrance to him, he is quite capable of breaking through it. There are great things in store for Rob; he will reach the pinnacle of his success through his hard work and dedication.

    Hugs back to you, Twlightnan. I miss seeing the insightful comments of the rest of the favs.


  8. @Iluvthemovies, thx your apprehension. I'm about 320 km (about 195 miles) from the red sludge, and there is no river connection between that and my town. That's a catastrophe for the people who living there.
    And yes, MoTU is a very addictive story. Have you read the outtake about little Edward? I had a heartache for him,and I've cried.
    Oh, and I don't know, where is my picture. Another blogs it appears, here no.

  9. @twmmy glad u are safe and I feel awful for the people caught up in that awful disaster.

    I did read the outtake it is good to see Edward's POV on that part of the story and it is heartbreaking what he went through. The story is becoming more intriguing, now we have to wait three weeks, that is as excruciating as waiting for WFE to be released next year. U and your son take care.