Wednesday, October 6, 2010

London Fan Encounter + New Pic Of Rob

I was at Marcus' gig in London and it was a big surprise to see Rob there as we didn’t know that he was in London. We heard rumors but my friends and i weren’t sure about it.

I can say that he is awesome, really nice and everything people say about him is true. In other words, he is amazing!! And for me this was a dreaming coming true! Was my last week in London and was priceless. the best goodbye gift ever!

Read more at Fe Pattz blog. Thanks for sharing!

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  1. @fe Pattz,thank u for sharing,wow! ur so lucky..I live in England and yet to see our Rob...hope to see him and Kristen in world premiere of BD..in either LA or London..this is my dream..hope it will come true the same as your dream..Hugs to u and all my favs!!