Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Rob & Kristen's Wedding Would Look Like If Tabloids Got Their Way

Earlier today we came across a tabloid story so ridiculous, it inspired us to recreate it. Up until now the most outrageous headline we'd read was that Rob was pregnant. He even talked about it on The Early Show. But now there's a new headline to beat. According to LOOK Magazine Rob and Kristen are planning a December "union" of some sort... performed by a New Orleans voodoo priestess.

Real or hot version.. your choice.  
Allegedly (they) want to show their commitment to each other at the unusual ceremony in December.

A source said: “Kristen is quite dark so she wants a ceremony performed by a New Orleans voodoo priestess.

And that's not all:

“They want to keep speculation to a minimum, so won’t get rings, but each is going to choose a present that reminds them of just how much they love each other.

“And they’re going to both get matching tattoos on their hips. They want tiny anchors to symbolise that they ground each other and keep each other calm when things get stormy.”
So we're thinking it's gonna be something like this for Kristen..

And for Rob something a little more colorful. And with a mermaid.

We say as long as they don't decide to go with a Jack Sparrow tattoo we're in!

You know where to send the invite Rob :)



  1. Lmao...love Rob's tattoo...cuz subtleness is SO out of character

    Gosh...gotta love the tabloids and their corky imagination
    what will they think of next?...they adopt a chimp to be the best man?

  2. I read about this the other day, and laughed my ass off...It just sounds so insane and out of character for them, especially Rob...I mean sure it could be true if the in a shocking way...I would definitely consider this a publicity stunt...Also I remember an interview with Rob and how he said his mum freaked out about the tat in Remember Me, she though it was real, and Rob said was like no Mum it's not real it's only a prop...Lol VooDoo Wedding LMAO, could you imagine his Mums response to this oh my...Gotta love the Rag Mags wild imagination Hahaha

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please I can't stand the thought of Rob being off the market...It would just break my heart.

  4. @Anonymous 4:38 am,..So do I,..but like everyone we have to accept this thought that he is no longer in the market at the present time..hey,as long as he is happy I'm sure like me you wouldn't mine...hi to my favs:)

  5. OMG!voodoo ceremony for Rob and Kristen's wedding...I agree with @Anonymous 11:35pm, about the tabloid having a "corky" imagination..I have read in one of UK's Mags "More" that Rob and Kristen would be exchanging " a commitment rings" as a token of love and total commitment to each other, this instead of getting married as rob and Kristen are too young to tie the knot officially! hmmm they are probably laughing their heads off with all this funny/weird stories in the tabloid around the globe...I wonder what both sets of parents (Rob/Kristen) views about all this? hehehe..we just sit tight and see..!! Hugs to my favs:)


  7. OMG LMAO Please, would you stop ?!? PLEASE !!!!! I beg you!!! And don´t you dare to say: Laters, baby!!! ;-)
    I JUST CAN´T STAND THIS FOR ANY LONGER. I am gonna die by laughing. I´ve read it yesterday and I am still laughing by now....It is SO ridiculous!

  8. I just want to clarify that we come on this site to post our comments/opinions on the subject posted by the site owner/administrators..today it was about an article in the 'LOOK 'mags about Rob/Kristen are planning a December 'union' of some sort to be performed by a new orleans voodoo priestess...so we were asked for our views about this,and so like myself and others we commented on the topic ,there is nothing in any of the comments today that say that we want them to get married ,just expressing our views about what was written in the tabloids..so no good having a go at people telling them to get a grip..I can't understand why some people are getting upset,people are just expressing their own views,..just saying,..and the so called Madness will unfortunately for some people will not be over until two years time..as fans of Robert Pattinson we have to expect news and pics about Breaking Dawn will be posted on this site to obvious reasons that he is one of the stars in the film and this RPN site is dedicated to Rob...and as fans of Rob we need to get along and respect each others opinions even it is different from their own.I love coming to this site because I'm a fan of Rob.

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  10. What a funny story and the pictures are the right touch. I wonder what the press will come up next for Rob and Kristen?

  11. If you all think about it, they already exchanged commitment shoelace bracelets...Lol ;-)

  12. @Rilwen, LOL on the Laters Baby, If I heard Rob actually say that to Kristen I would be LMAO too. I don't know how these rags stay in business, I can't actually believe sane people believe what these mags have in them most of the time especially those known to speard untruthful gossip and rumors, Voodoo wedding, like that would ever happen to them. I see them one day possibly getting married on a beach only so Kristen can go barefoot, because I am certain she does not want to wear heels on that day. She is always taking her heels off once she is done promoting or walking the red carpet. Good for her, I like a person who is sensible.