Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome New Look At Water for Elephants!

Editor Alan E. Bell just shared the link that shows the process of making Water for Elephants. And it has several new scenes!

Click to watch now.

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Jamie Campbell Bower Mentions Rob

Jamie mentions working on Breaking Dawn, and why he's actually kinda happy not to get all the attention from Twilight fans starting at around 13:00. And make sure to catch the premiere of Camelot on Starz tomorrow. Good stuff.

Watch live streaming video from aplive at livestream.com

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marlena Takes Care Of Jacob & Rosie

UPDATE 4/1: Now in HQ thanks to Pattinsonlife.

The new stills come courtesy of Box Office Mojo. You can see the rest there.

And these stills we had seen before, but they are now also in HQ. Click for larger image.

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Stephenie Meyer About Rob: "He Can Turn Edward On Like That"

USA Today got the chance to talk to Stephenie Meyer in Vancouver, and she shares some pretty amazing scoop including the latest on Midnight Sun:

"I'm hoping to do it someday because I know that's what people want. No matter what book I put out from here to eternity they'll want Midnight Sun, but I'm just not writing about vampires right now."

She also mentions how much of a pro Rob has become at being Edward.. or is it Jacob?

"Rob is more like Jacob than Edward. He's goofy, he's funny, he doesn't take much seriously. But he can turn Edward on like that (she snaps her fingers) when he needs to be Edward. Taylor's who we hang out with most. He's a lot like fun, happy Jacob."

Read the entire interview (and there's lots more in there) at USA Today. Plus if you missed the first part, here you go!

WFE: Rob & Reese Behind The Scenes

Entertainment Tonight promised us new footage from the Water for Elephants set, and they delivered!

texlcuvisfew33011 by officialspunkransom

See the rest of the HQ screencaps at Spunk Ransom & even more at Twilight Poison.

Thanks to H2OforElephants & YolicoPro

Navy Appeal: More Of Afterparty Rob

These new pictures are from the InStyle party after Rob appeared at the Golden Globes. Click for larger size.

 PattinsonLife via source

Trainer Talks About Rob's Interaction With 'Rosie!'

Robsteners has been kind enough to translate a great interview by spielfilm.de talking with Tai's trainer, Gary Johnson. There's all sorts of details from the set, including how Rob got along with Tai:

How did Robert Pattinson interact and work with Tai?

Johnson: Robert has a few close-ups with her and Tai thought him to be very likeable the first time she saw him. When Rosie is hurt he takes care of her. Robert never got loud with her and their relationship was adorable and easygoing. I think she liked him a lot.

It's a great interview, so don't miss the rest at Robsteners.
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Blame "Goody-Two-Shoes" Persona For Bel Ami's Delay

While Rob mentioned a bit of what could be delaying the release of Bel Ami during his interview with MTV, he went into details when he talked to Total Film:

"We were really true to the book and because the guy is basically a shit who wins everything at the end it’s really difficult to market it – especially with me in it"

You can read the rest, including how Rob felt about playing "a shit" over at Total Film. indieWIRE suggests producers may have to go the festival route to market Bel Ami:

Buzz around the pic has been quiet but maybe producers will trot it out to the festival circuit in the fall to see how it plays before deciding how to get it out there? We’ll have to see how it all plays out, but that’s what we’d do.

We'll keep you posted!

Thanks to WFEFilm for the indieWIRE tip.

Rob Talks To Empire Magazine

He talks working on Water for Elephants, looks ahead to Cosmopolis, and mentions most of his previous roles. Great interview. Click on images to read text.

 = = 

The issue is on UK stands now. You may have to wait a bit for it if you live in the U.S.
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Turns Out Rob IS A Huge Fan Of 'FallDown'.. & Pretzels

Remember that quote of the little addictive game we hoped was true?.. turns out Rob is a huge fan of FallDown (which you can become an expert at thanks to our crack team research). Read about that and more, in a new interview with Italy's Di Piu magazine. 

Translation by Fritzerina via Robsessed. You can see the rest of the scans at Robert Pattinson Italia.

Robert Pattinson, the vampire in the Twilight saga, looks tired but has a huge smile on his face because right now he is promoting his new movie "Water For Elephants" and he is ready to talk about everything besides Kristen Stewart, who everyone claims to be his girlfriend. Everyone but him who doesn't even want to talk about it.

Q: Lets talk about Water for Elephants, as soon as the movie starts, on the screen we see a phrase about your character and the fact that he is still waiting for his life to start, that since that moment nothing important has already happened to him. Have you ever had this same feeling? Moreover for you what really was the turning point in your life?

A: My life already started but it didn't reach the turning point yet. Even if I think I reach the turning point every 2 years. Let me explain..every 2/3 years it feels like my life is moving in fastforward and everytime I find myself thinking: What's going to happen now.

Q: So what is going to happen now?

A: I don't know. I think I'm reaching the end of something

Q: Work or personal life?

A: Both. Work in some kind of way is an influence in private life. It's like every 3 movies something in my life changes.

Q: What would you like to do now?

A: I would like to be able to give something more during the production of a movie. After the Twilight Saga I have another project. Cosmopolis, with director David Cronenberg I believe it's going to be fun and a completely different work from the one on the Twilight Saga. And after Cosmopolis I think I want to start something new. I already have some project in mind.

Q: Are you talking about music? Still thinking about being a musician?

A:Yes even though I haven't played in long time. To be clear I don't play every day anymore. For example recently I was in New Orleans and I played piano with a local band in a pub. It was fun and I asked myself: "Why did I stop to playing the piano?" It was incredible and I had so much fun. However working with music needs a lot of time and to do it I would have to leave everything else, take 6 months off just for playing and learning to play piano and guitar again. But at this time in my career I can't afford to do it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ET Teaser: Exclusive Details From The 'WFE' Set!

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The interview and new look behind the scenes will air tomorrow. We'll post it as soon as we get it!

Rob and the giraffe.. adorable!

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Ask Rob: The Media Wants Your 'WFE' Questions!

A sure sign that promotion time has begun, is when media starts asking fans for help with their interviews. Naturally they don't follow Rob's accomplishments like we do, so they know where to turn for expert advice. CNN, Moviefone, and the Golden Globes have announced they will be talking to Rob and Reese, and they want your input.

CNN wants your video questions, while Moviefone is taking them in a cool interactive way. Click on both sites for details. As for the Golden Globes, you can head on over to their Facebook page and share your question. We'll of course have those interviews when they come out.

For those not familiar with Moviefone's unscripted format.. here's a preview of what you can expect!


Cinemania's Set Visit & Interview With Rob

Water for Elephants: Life is a circus.

Wild animals, trains, dwarfs and acrobats. This is what Robert Pattinson’s life has turned into: a circus

It’s the time of the recession in the United States, during the 30’s in the XX century. The inhabitants of Weehaken, New Jersey, wear the clothes of the time: the men with hats, ties, suspenders and coats, the women with long flower print dresses; the children with crops and caps. The crowd maintains itself in expectation of the parade of the fabulous Benzini brothers’ circus, whose promotional posters announce it as “The most fabulous show on earth!” Everything would be perfect of the technicians and production team of a film was not walking on the same street, which break the illusion of a trip to the past.

This is the Water for Elephants set, film shot in the 20th Century Fox studios, in Los Angeles, under the direction of Fancis Lawrence (Constantine, 2005: I am Legend, 20007), and is one of the most anticipated productions of 2011 due to its appealing story of romance, based on Sara Gruen’s best seller (adapted by Richard LaGravensee), and above all for its stellar cast: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Patinson and Cristoph Waltz.

The story is centered on Jacob’s history (Pattinson), who, about to graduate as a veterinary, abandons his studies upon his parents deaths. Chance unites him t a traveling circus, where he will become sentimentally involved with Marlena (Witherspoon), star acrobat and wife to the abusive tamer August (Waltz), which will create a fiery love triangle.


Before interviews, reporters are placed in a convenient place to observe the circus parada, composed of a musical band, the clowns, the strong man, the dwarves, the tumblers and trapeze acts, as well as the different animals; a giraffe, a lion, two camels, two lamas, three ponies, three zebras, some mounting horses, a hippopotamus, and trained dogs. However, the main event is Reese’s revelation, mounted on Rosie the elephant, accompanied a few meters away by Waltz and Pattinson. The corwd of about 300 extras which have been called for this job, applaud this circus troop.

Vanity Fair Italy: Impulses, Cheating & Family Life

UPDATE 3/30: (Translation of the interview is in, thanks to the very awesome CSI_Robsten. Scans via source ).

You don’t have to be intelligent to understand that, generally speaking, there’s worse than becoming a poster guy who has to hide from hordes of screaming fans into five-star hotels all around the world. And Robert Pattinson sounds very intelligent. He’s young (he’s turning 25 in May), has a lot of money, success, a job which loads of people envy him and could have all the women he wants. Yet, it stands out a mile he’s not happy about it. And I guess the reason is that he is intelligent enough to understand not to be so special.

He’s very down to earth, while everyone around him goes crazy. That makes him a good guy, but terribly alone. We wouldn’t be surprised if one day he decided to pack and leave. I met him some weeks ago for the promotion of his new movie Water For Elephants.

He’s just bought a dog. He really wanted it. “I don’t know how I’ll handle it, but if you have to travel around the world, it’s good to have a mate. I took him from the animal shelter: I laugh if I think that he went from a shelter to a suite of the Four Season Hotel.” It’s not what happened to him. Well, almost.

Rob was born in London; his mother worked for a modeling agency, and his father Richard, imported vintage cars from the U.S; when he was a child he thought he would deal with International relations. But then he got the part of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. It happened by chance as well as for the the role of Edward Cullen that has changed his life.

Music was his passion, but he had to put it aside for now. “I play sometimes, but you have to be concentrated to do it seriously, and I do not have so much time right now.” I point out that many actors do both, he bursts out laughing “yeah, but look at the results. It’s embarassing”.

So, apart from changing the subject when speaking about his relationship with Kristen Stewart (not even Oprah managed to make him talking), Robert says he spends his time working (mostly) and among beers, gym, cigarettes and junk food. But he really needs to sleep, he adds. “I worked last night. I’ve just come back from Lousiana”. Luckily at that age, sleep deprivation doesn’t make wrinkles on your face, but makes it look sexier somehow.

In Louisiana he’s shooting the first and the second part of Breaking Dawn at once. The first one is coming out on November 18th, 2011. Meanwhile in LA, Rob’s trying to build a career outside of Twilight. In Water For Elephants he plays Jacob, a veterinary school student struck by his parents’ death. With no money and no home, he starts wandering until he sees a train of a circus and jumps on it. There he meets two creatures: the elephant Rosie, and the star of the show Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), who is also the despotic ringmaster’s wife (Christopher Waltz).

Is it true that the first thing you do when you are given a script is read the first and the last line?

“If the screenwriter is good, the beginning and the end work and there’s a 75% chance it’s a good story. Otherwise, the best thing to do is forget it. Today the problem is that scripts with the worst-written first pages are those that are made into movies and and make more money.”

-Are you saying that Twilight is badly-written?

“Things don’t always work this way. But it’s true that when I first read it, it didn’t appeal to me. I couldn’t understand what was so special and why everybody was so into it.”

- Water For Elephants is a romantic movie.

“Yeah, but what appealed to me was the historical period, the Great Depression and the circus. It’s so intriguing. Chlidren don’t dream of running away with a film crew, but with the circus. It still happens today, I guess. At least they did in the 30’s, when there was no tv and no cinema down the street. Besides I liked that it was also about animals and and human-animal relationship (he stops and bursts out laughing). I know, it sounds weird this way.”

-Anyway, the fact remains that it’s mostly about the love story between Jacob and Marlena.

“In the beginning, you may think “oh there comes the guy, he’s going to meet the girl and it’ll be love at first sight. Then they’re going to run away together”. But it’s not like this. It’s a more complex story. Jacob falls in love with Marlena, but doesn’t try to bring her with him. She first kisses him and then rejects him, but indeed he accepts her choice. She will always be an extraordinary woman to him, no matter what. Jacob just wants to give and doesn’t ask for anything in return. That’s the best kind of relationship.”

-Could you ever have a relationship with a married woman?

“Life is not black and white. There are married couples that never see each other. Is that marriage? But there’s a thing I’ve never got, that is why do people cheat?”

Rob On Getting Cast In Cosmopolis: "Wow, This Is Insane"

UPDATE 3/30: Interview now in.

Empire Magazine has an exclusive with Rob that will be out Thursday, but they are sharing a preview!

"I'm just astonished that I've been cast. I'd read the script before and thought, 'Wow, this is insane. But insane and difficult.' And then, out of nowhere, my agent said, 'Do you want to do it?' I'd never thought about working with Cronenberg, but I've always loved his movies. It just never came into my head that there would ever be that opportunity.

Read more at Empire. We'll update the post once the whole interview is in.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

As If You Needed Another Reason To Love Him..

Guri plays Stefan from the Romanian Coven, and we can't wait to see his interaction with Edward in Breaking Dawn!

Photo: Life.com

EW Interviewer Surprised By "How Sweet And Charming He Is"

Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson shared some great details on her interview with Rob for the latest issue of the magazine. She talked to Capital New York:

I was very pleasantly surprised by how sweet and charming he is. And mostly, how easy it was to talk to him.

Because, as you know, doing any long interview is like having a long conversation with anyone. The real worry is, what if you run out of things to talk about? Or sometimes, when someone is really interviewed a lot, will this person be saying the same thing that he says to everyone? But I found him remarkably sincere.

She has much more to tell. You can read it all at Capital New York.