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What Is This Show And Why Do We Fear For Rob's Hair?

Check out why at about 1:43. Mission? number #62 to be exact. Thanks to @Lucianavee for the tip.

Could We Soon Be Seeing Rob Building LA Homes? Never Say Never!

As most of you know if you follow Rob's co-star Kellan Lutz on twitter, he's very involved with a project that helps build homes for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. While talking to UsMagazine.com Kellan mentioned the work, and added he might convince some of his Breaking Dawn co-stars to join him:

He'll be back in Louisiana when Breaking Dawn begins filming in Baton Rouge. "I'm hoping to truck down and work with the St. Bernard Project [there] as well. Hopefully I'll be bring some other cast members too."

Cast members like...Robert Pattinson? "It would be a great surprise for everyone," Lutz said, laughing. "Although I would have to take video of Rob trying to hammer a nail, he might hurt himself."

 It's a great cause. We will see!

Photo: vman.com

'Breaking Dawn' News Wrap: Facts, Rumors, And New Cast Member!

As the start of Breaking Dawn production gets close, we're getting more filming and casting news.

Today Rami Malek who is best known for his role as an Egyptian pharaoh in "Night at the Museum,"
became the first confirmed new cast member to join the Breaking Dawn family. Malek broke the news while talking to Entertainment Tonight.

Malek will appear in the second film as Benjamin, the Egyptian vampire who can control the four elements.
Malek told ET that he was thrilled about his upcoming role in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2." "I think it's going to be great," said Malek. "It's going to be super exciting and I'm thrilled," Malek said of joining the superstar cast that includes Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

And he might very well take part in that "big battle scene" everyone including Melissa Rosenberg is talking about. If you've read the book, you know there is *spoiler alert* no battle in the battle scene. But according to dailyblam.com which claims to have inside production info, that will all change for the film version. In fact, there will allegedly be plenty of action:
The scene will be the final confrontation between the Cullen clan, who are joined by the Quileute wolf pack and their friends, and the Volturi. The scene, most of which is taken directly from the novel, has been extended to include several physical fights. It is expected that many Twilight fans will be flocking to Louisiana when the studio begins filming in the area; which is why the exact area the production team has decided on is being kept tightly under wrap.
Dailyblam.com claims the battle scene will be filmed at a location near Baton Rouge. And according to local TV station WBRZ, there is plenty of buzz around town ahead of the start of production this fall:
"Each production is like a small army, so you're having to feed a small army, you're having to house them, you're having to entertain them," said Mulhearn.

In the case of "Twilight," Baton Rouge will also benefit from the twi-hards.

"What you'll see is much like what 'Steel Magnolias' did for Natchitoches," said Stelly. "People go to Natchitoches to this day to see the house in 'Steel Magnolias.'"
In the meantime, Production Weekly just announced that Breaking Dawn production offices are up and running as well in Vancouver. We'll share updates as we get them!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg Talks Scenes In Brazil & The Honeymoon!

NEW (8/31): Interview with Hollywood Life (Thanks @KstewRobFans). Melissa talks about the characters involved in Breaking Dawn, and gives more details on what she's being asked to write about the sex scenes.

And eventhough the President of Rio Film says he can't say much about filming in Brazil, today he did confirm that filming there would/will be in November. Stay tuned!

This is Melissa's interview with PopSugar and she talks Breaking Dawn scripts and whether Rob and Kristen are ready to go!

MTV got a chance to chat with Melissa Rosenberg at the Emmys, and she gave an update on how pre-production is going for Breaking Dawn. And while there's still no official word on whether Summit will film part of Breaking Dawn in Brazil, Rosenberg all but confirms it!

"They're coming along," Rosenberg said. "I just flew in last night from working with ['Dawn' director] Bill Condon, prepping the scripts. It's a lot of work, I'm exhausted," she added. Rosenberg also revealed that she's between 75 and 80 percent finished with the two screenplays. "But we're intent on making them the best scripts yet."

Read the rest over at MTV.

EW: Bigger, Crisper, Poster Friendly Versions Of Photoshoot Pictures


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Water For Elephants: How Chattanooga Is Benefiting From The Shoot

Chattanooga's economy got a big boost when 20th Century Fox chose to shoot part of Water for Elephants there earlier this month. But it's just now that we are learning exactly how much that city benefited from the filming. WEDF.com says the production injected about $1 million into the local economy.

The role of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) in providing a vintage train and dedicated 3-mile track for the film set was the key to landing the shoot with 20th Century Fox.
“The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is what makes Chattanooga unique for filming,” says TVRM Marketing Coordinator Steve Freer, who has been working for almost two years to attract “Water for Elephants” to film in Chattanooga. “Vintage trains are getting harder to find, and we have several steam engines which are even more difficult to find because they are expensive to operate and maintain.”
The article goes on to talk about the planning down to the cost of the hotels, and what it took to bring the shoot to Chattanooga. Read the rest.

Over the weekend we posted several exclusive videos that blog contributor @chilbunch shot while visiting that city during the filming of Water for Elephants. They offer a close-up look at the vintage train that will appear on the big screen come April 15. 

Nikki Reed Excited About 'Water For Elephants' & Rob's Role In It

"I'm excited about Rob [Pattinson]'s movie 'Water for Elephants,' " she added. "I think he's going to be phenomenal in that, and Kristen [Stewart] is doing an amazing film ['On the Road']. Elizabeth Reaser just did a movie called 'Homework' with Michael Angarano, who's a really good friend of mine, and Emma Roberts that I'm excited about."


Rob Talks To ELLE Magazine (Japan)

Translation & Scans via Thinking of Rob 

Gorgeous vampire is the shy 24 year-old

                 “They are screaming for Edward, not to myself. Then it is easier to take all the hysteria.”

Q: Isn’t it tough to be followed by Paparazzi anywhere you go?

Rob: I guess I should relax and think “It’s only a pictures taken and posted to tabloids.” and let it go.To tell you the truth, surrounded by 50 Paparazzis 24/7 is really tough. And I have a bad habit to react to them with a nasty face; I should come up with a better look for paparazzi photos by now (laughs). I am always thankful to my family and close friends; they never change their attitude toward me. They keep me grounded. Some of them haven’t even seen “Twilight” movies yet! So relieving!

Q: What attract you about Edward?

Rob: That he is sincerely modest.

Q: You’ve been constantly working. Don’t you want to have a break?

Rob: Not really. If you go on vacation, it is just another cause of more paparazzi photos, anyway. So, I’ll keep working until they get tired of following me; it should be soon over in next few years, I guess.

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