Monday, January 31, 2011

Rob At Louisiana 'Breaking Dawn' Set Today: New Pictures!

You can see Rob (wearing Edward's wedding ring), Kellan, Peter, Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey.. click for larger picture :)

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OK! Magazine: Who Wants To Marry Rob?.. Apparently A Lot Of People

Rob was voted #3 in the magazine's poll of  "Most Desirable Celebrity Husbands." You don't want to know who beat him to the #2 spot (we're fine with #1). Oh, you do?..  check it out at CTV.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holliday Grainger On Her Character in Bel Ami: "She's An Evil Little Witch"

Grainger talked to Collider about her role as one of the women Georges Duroy romances in Bel Ami:

Can you talk about the roles you did in Jane Eyre and Bel Ami, which you also have coming out this year?

GRAINGER: When I was younger, I always wanted to do period drama and never got to do it, until last January. And then, this last year was just period drama after period drama. I have a small part in Jane Eyre. I’m one of the Rivers sisters that saves Jane (Mia Wasikowska) from destitution. They’re a very lovely, very godly, very pure family. Bel Ami is the opposite. My character is more like Lucrezia. She’s an evil little witch that knows what she wants and is out to get the guy that she wants. She’s willing to upset her mom and upset anyone, just to get the guy that she wants.

Read what she had to say about working with Rob (spoilerish answer ahead, if you haven't read the book ) at Collider.


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sneak Peek Into Movie Magic: Place Where 'WFE' Music Is Being Made

Musician Stuart M. Thomas, shared some pictures of the place where the score for Water for Elephants will be recorded. Dogtown Music is located in Santa Monica, CA. Thomas has also been tweeting updates, along with director Francis Lawrence.

In case you are wondering how long the process has been in the making..

We can't wait to hear the finished product, and how it complements the film on the big screen!

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Paul Giamatti Looks Forward To "Stalking Rob" In Cosmopolis

MTV caught up with Giamatti at Sundance. Hear his comments on working with Rob below,  or read them at MTV.

For the rest on Cosmopolis rumors, confirmations and plot.. check out this post.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Rob Hot & Under 25? You Bet Says Entertainment Tonight

ET just put Rob on its list.

What’s He Done: Other than melt hearts of tweens, teens and women all over the world, British beauty Robert Pat­tin­son has starred in ‘Harry Pot­ter and the Gob­let of Fire,’ ‘Remem­ber Me’ and ‘The Twi­light Saga.’

What’s Up Next: Robert will round out the beloved vamp series with the last install­ment of ‘The Twi­light Saga: Break­ing Dawn’ and the film adap­ta­tion of ‘Water for Ele­phants,’ star­ring Reese With­er­spoon.

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Reese Talks About Marlena & Jacob: 'It's Very Romantic And Beautiful'

While overseas promoting 'How Do You Know,' Reese mentioned working with Rob in Water for Elephants:

"It's so funny because he's really not a bad boy. He's just a great guy and he looks very different in our film"

"Robert Pattinson's character comes in and he's a vet and we end up being very interested in each other. It's very romantic and beautiful."
Read the rest.
Reese also talks about working with Rosie. You can read more on that here.

'Breaking Dawn' Wrap: Bella As A Vampire Buzz & Wedding This Week?

You can thank Sundance and the Twilight stars attending, for the latest news on the Breaking Dawn production. Elizabeth Reaser spoke to MTV and PopSugar about Bella's transformation into a vampire and more!

Talking Kristen's Christmas cookies

In case you are curious, TheFABlife came up with its own version of how Bella will look like. Check it out.

Elizabeth talked Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), and how much she looks like Rob and Kristen

Charlie Bewley also talked about Mackenzie, and how he imagines Rob and Kristen's child would be:

I imagine if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a kid it'd be like this grungy...awkward and shy kind of thing," jokes Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in the vampire movie franchise.

Read the rest at E! Online.

E! got an update from Elizabeth as well, as she gave them a bit of scoop on Breaking Dawn production (at about 2:00)

Elizabeth also talked about the sexy Breaking Dawn wedding night still, and the fan frenzy surrounding Rob. Read the scoop on E!

We've been getting updates from the cast in Baton Rouge. And with Bella's dad and the humans arriving, it  sounds like it's time for a wedding!

More to come!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Buzz For Rob's Roles

EW features both Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn on its Spring Preview, with the scans you've seen before.

And Moviefone goes as far as to start talking Oscars for Water for Elephants on its preview. Read it at their site.

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Fan Captures Candid Moments At People's Choice Awards

We smell a seat-filler who smuggled a camera into the show..

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TV Guide Talks To Rob At The Golden Globes

Quick but funny.. at about 1:56

Here are the rest of the interviews from that night.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

US Weekly Covers 'Water For Elephants' Reshoots

Did Rob really say that?..

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Local Media Covers 'Breaking Dawn' Filming In Baton Rouge

We knew filming was going on this weekend in Baton Rouge, thanks to the actors themselves. And the local media was on it..

It's nice to hear fans in Louisiana got a chance to experience the filming of Breaking Dawn and even got some pictures, (and more) since production will soon be moving to Vancouver. You can read all about the fans who turned out to watch at 2theadvocate.com.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cast Dinner In Baton Rouge: 'Breaking Dawn' Update

So we're guessing the shooting schedule eased up enough for the cast to grab a nice dinner together..

Last night we also got a first look at Maggie Grace in Baton Rouge ( she plays Irina), after Andrea Gabriel tweeted a picture of the two of them.

According to the cast this week has been a busy one, but as you can see they manage to keep the humor about it.

Peter talked to MTV and several other outlets about the intense shooting schedule, and he also confirmed they've already filmed the last scene in Breaking Dawn.

In the meantime, workers are busy building Bella's house outside Vancouver. You can see the pictures at Hollywood Life.

There's also buzz there may be more than one Renesmee. While we know about Mackenzie Foy, these are the girls who are rumored to be Renesmee as well. Keep you posted on this one.

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Georges Looking Dashing In New 'Bel Ami' Still

The film is now listed on the Optimum Releasing Autumn calendar. Last official word was that the UK was getting a premiere in August. More details as we get them!

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