Monday, October 4, 2010

Crushing On Rob At Any Age.. And Why It's Okay

We always welcome fans of all ages to this blog. And this following article basically describes why it's okay to swoon over Rob.. no matter how old you are:
There are some whipper-snappers who are just too young to fancy; I can’t bring myself to lust after High School Musical actor Zac Efron, for example, he’s far too clean and tidy.

For me, they need to have that edge of danger — Robert ­Pattinson is a terribly well-brought-up young man, but he has that decadent air of grunginess and anger that is most appealing
Read the rest at dailymail.co.uk. Go Rob fans!

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  1. I think Rob knows his own mind, he knows what he wants and given the opportunity he will work hard to get it. I feel in our country background is irrelevant to a certain degree. Sometimes in life we have three roads to choose to walk along, Rob may never have always walked the right road, but at the moment he has the full motorway system to choose from. Best of British Rob. X

  2. Lovely article... I feel much better now! Hehehe!

  3. ITA with everything the writer wrote. Now I seem more normal than my co-workers lead me to believe. Zac - no, Justin Beiber - heck no, Justin Timberlake - no, etc. only Rob has ever propelled me to go on an actor's fansite. He has the power of "It". Like Leo and Johnny before him, he is global and super hot.

  4. Oh,Iluvthemovies,the same as u I immensely enjoyed this article by Diane Appleyard and Ita w/everything that she said..like u and Diane,I have got a 'mega'crush on our Robert Pattinson..never felt with any of the hundreds of actors before,Twilight and Rob changed all that..I'm a happily married grand mother of 3 young children for christ sake!!watching the love between him and Kristen flourishing before our eyes ,make me young at heart all over again and so happy ..as you said Rob is 'Global and Super Hot'..amen to that..hugs to u and all the favs:)

  5. What a wonderful article. It is true, our crushes keep our hearts young. Eventually these young girls who cringe at our reactions will be older and feel the same way... understanding comes with age.

  6. Hi. It’s been over a year since I started visiting the site (it was RPL originally but after the closure I luckily found you here, Yaelfica thanks for the link!!!) I have never written anything though but as RPL closed I suddenly realized how much I am going to miss you all, Twilightnan, Yaelfica and all the other great favs. Well, I basically realized that apart from my unquestionable obsession with Rob, I kind of became a silent member of a wonderful community and I was truly devastated when, for a few hours, I thought it was going to end. Well, it didn’t :) I am so happy to see you all here that I have finally decided to break the silence :)

    Back to the article, I am a mother myself, well beyond the standard „crush” age, happily married, working etc. but as you said, hell the boy does it for me! End of story. I think, in my case, it was the mixture of his undeniably magnetic looks and his down-to-earth, humble personality, that did it for me. Such a normal, kind-hearted, well-mannered, modest person so totally oblivious to the effect he has on the majority of the female population across the world. Added to this his eyes, hands, hair, and well... you know... basically all the rest and the concoction simply becomes too much to resist! I have never had a similar crush on any actor before. Well, maybe it comes with age :) My husband is trying to understand though I can’t blame him for being a bit suspicious but, as Twilightnan said, it makes me younger at heart and happy and what can be wrong with that?

    Once again, hugs to all the favs and thanks for being here


  7. I am 52 years old and these two young actors brought out something in me that I thought I'd lost forever. You can feel the genuine affection these two have on the screen. I love them and all of the Twilight cast.Thanks to them and to you for your articles.

  8. @twilightmum, good job on breaking your silence and glad you've decided to start commenting :)

    my theory on twilight...heroine laced paper.

  9. @JA
    I have said bf that each page of twilight must be sprinkled with crack!

  10. Finally I found you my dear FAVS,!!!
    waving ;D
    It is sometimes bizarre, but although I've never met him personally (I pray for this ever happen) I get the impression that he is a person close to me,to the point that I could understand him without words maybe couse i have similar character to him .When i don't know what is happening to him, I get sick ... it's like family member gosh I miss him so.He also reminds me of my beloved uncle Andrew who died tragically in a car accident at age 33 and was at the peak of his sporting career in judo. So I'm dying inside when the paparazzi follow him on the road.I'm dying inside when he travels by plane ... I do not care that he is a star for me is primarily a human soul mate and All I want for him is to be healthy and happy and surrounded by good people like Kristen, Tom and the rest of the Brit Pack. About career i'm not worried, he is mature enough and knows what he's doing.

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  12. @Twilightmum hey girl!! u welcome!! that's what i wanted..more ppl like urself...plz keep the comments comming darling :D

    @RobPatzzNews tks for the sweet comments. we know u guys r busy but u always write some encouraging words for us. so we r VERY glad to be here :)

    @Ja hey tabitha!! no time no see!!

    @Papagaj!!! hey little fav!! finally! i thought we've lost u there hehe
    what do u think of this site? nice huh? i think so...very nice ppl and the FAVS all here now, so MEGA good right? ;D

    hi to all, specially my FAVS

  13. Hi! and a big welcome to @TWilightmum,I'm so glad as well that you are out in the open and started to post ur comments...loved what u said.."the boy does it for me!end of story!"as u said "he is too much to resist"..to me he is our Brand of heroin..once u seen his handsome face ..ur are hooked he is very addictive..look forward to read ur future comments,..@papagaj..seen u waving ..omg I thought we lost u forever..nice to see ur back..@Yaelfica @JA and @nicole @Iluvthemovies @Mrs.Deen..Hello hope u r all ok big hugs!!

  14. Hi there!

    Thanks for your warm welcome. @ Yaelfica, will try posting comments as often as I can but as my life is pretty hectic at the moment, please be patient with me and, once again, thanks for this site! @Twilightnan, “our Brand of heroin” yeah, he surely is :) @Papagaj, definitely agree, he is not a star for me, I don’t care about staredom at all (and , from what I see, neither does he and that’s part of his charm :) @JA and everyone else here, you are all great people and I am very glad to have met you all (thanks to Rob :) Take care and keep posting, I love your comments (always have :). Big hugs!