Saturday, October 2, 2010

News: Possible WFE UK Release Date & Breaking Dawn Director Speaks

The UK's Film Distributors Association has listed April 22, 2011 as the date for a Water For Elephants release there. Keep in mind that could change, but it looks like UK fans won't be waiting more than a week or two after the U.S. premiere to see Jacob and Rosie on the big screen~

And while Water for Elephants is now in post-production, Breaking Dawn is just getting ready to roll. Director Bill Condon updated fans friday, on the team he is working with to make the last two Twilight series sequels a memorable experience. And looking at the names on his list, must say we are impressed.
Breaking Dawn filming will begin in Baton Rouge in the next few weeks, then move to Vancouver early next year.

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  1. I adore Bill Condon, I think Gods and Monsters for being a small film was so incredible and Ian Kellan and Brandon Fraser delivered brillant performances as well as the late Lynn Redgrave. With this team he has assembled I hope to see the culmination of the love story we fans have desperately tried to relive from the books comes magically onto the screen. I want the emotions for both characters to come forth during the wedding scenes. No holding back, this is a love story not nice to know u story, I want the main focus on Bella and Edward, I am sorry Jacob should only be minor, although I know he will be key during her pregnancy unfortunately, but I want the love, the pain, the heartbreak, the resolution, and the wonderment of all that transpires between Bella and Edward to be shown to us and not in choppy scenes or dumb angles. However, I feel assured that Bill Condon will deliver. I also want rolling on the floor, clothes ripping, some skin exposure, panting, and groaning, and sweat, oh wait, vampires don't sweat sex on that cottage floor once Bella is a vampire. If Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams can deliver a sex scene in the Notebook, rated PG-13, to wow the masses, Rob and Kristen need to do the same if not more so, we have been waiting for this and we want some payback. Enough said.

  2. Hi @Iluvthemovies,omg,just reading ur comments about the hot sex scenes in Breaking Dawn is making my pc monitor steamed with excitements..heheh..I do agree w/u I want a hot steamy love making scenes between Edward and Bella,this is just what the millions of fans around the world deserves.and have been waiting for..after watching them in 3 films of sexual tensions and restraints..they should be showing us a honeymoon scenes worthy of the excitements and the long wait..less of Jacob.. and his Abs..we had enough of that in NM and Eclipse..Remember Melissa Rossenberg ..this film is about a vampire falling in love with a mortal girl..not a Werewolves movie...so please bring Edward and Bella Love back on B.D

  3. I just want to make a correction in my previous comment it is Sir Ian McKellan, not Kellan. He was brillant in his performance as the Bride of Frankenstien's director James Whale.

    @Twilightnan and Yaelfica
    Have a fabulous weekend, hope to chat with u on Monday.

  4. Wow @lluvthemovies..i am impressed with the picture you drew for us....We are all excited more now than before,I really hope all of our dreams come true in the two movies coming up which is to see Edward and Bella's love and passion for each other....I am 200% with you darling....Let us hope Mr. Condon delivers our wish.

    Love to you all my favs...and hugs too....

    Have a great rest of the weekend...

  5. Hi Mrs. Deen, we miss u, I wish we could talk more online like the other Favs, it is not the same if there is a missing Fav. I know u said technology is not your thing but I assure u if I can do it u can too.

    Anyway about that scene, I apologize, if it got a little too hot, but I know others feel the same way and I don't want a replay of NM, where I felt that the emotion was not there and I want Kristen to show more emotion towards Edward, she does not have to be a damsel in distress but I want to see love in her face not apathy. I want tears when she is saying her vows and I want to see Edward almost cry like he did in front of her truck in NM when Bella requested a kiss from him because it was her birthday. I want that chemistry that was more evident in Twilight than the two movies after that and I hope with Bill Condon's direction and writing and some interjection of Stephenie as producer we may get a movie worthy of what the fans have been longing for from the beginning. You know that BD is not my favorite book at all, but the first two major acts, the wedding and honeymoon, are key to what happens next and I can live with the rest of the nonsense if the wedding and honeymoon and also the cottage scene is done masterfully. Guillermo Navarro's cinematography should be extraordinary and hopefully the rest of Bill's team will do better than the last two movies.

    I will say though that Edward looked so handsome in Eclipse, I just wish they had not emasculated him especially at the end when Bella states she only wants to be a vampire because she is awkward and not because of Edward which is completely idiotic. The whole book is about her devotion to this guy and him trying to stop her from turning into a vampire, I just don't know what Melissa was thinking and if it was Kristen's idea, she is not a writer, she is an actor, let them act, don't let them change the direction of the movie. Ok I've ranted enough today. Mrs. Deen have a fabulous weekend.