Thursday, October 14, 2010

UK Fans: Meet The Author Of 'Robert Pattinson A - Z' & Get A Free Copy!

We've heard about this all-about-Rob book before, but now some lucky fans in the UK get to check it out for free.. just head down to Widnes next weekend:
With Halloween just around the corner, special guest author Sarah Oliver - who penned Robert Pattinson A-Z a book about the saga’s leading man - will be signing free copies on Saturday, October 23 from 2pm at Widnes library.

On Monday, October 25, she will host an author workshop at Halton Lea Library from 4pm where she will also talk about how she became a successful author and what it was like to meet the cast of Twilight.

You can read more on what other Twilight themed activities are planned over at Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News. For those who can't make it to the free book signing, there's always Amazon.

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  1. That's kind of a weird stuff to do...like she claims she wrote a bestseller novel. I've read this book, all info that's inside is taken from the web. She is one of those people who want to make profit out of somebody's fame. But it's just IMHO)

  2. I already got this book ,added to my ever increasing 'Robert Pattinson' collections of books,magazines,photos,key rings,ect,ect,..my hubby thinks ..I'm obsessed and mad..but he still loves me ,I think ,..as he let me use his computer all the time to look at anything relating to Rob!!

  3. is there anything new to the book?

  4. not sure were Widnes is , @twilightnan do you recommend this book ? where did u get your copy was it off amazon ? xx big love to all ;0)

  5. @giulia,Hi,I'm not sure where I got my A-Z Robert Pattinson,but I know it was locally -either Waterstones book store or HMV(the shop normally sells Twilight related goodies...the book cost £7.99 it was first published in paperback this year 2010 by john blake publishing in the UK.,Sarah Oliver has apparently written over 700 articles about Rob and that her work on all things Rob has been viewed by over 10 million people and has worked w/Twilight fans across the world.There are early pics of rob as cedric in HP-pics of passionate fans in us-mall,and at the letterman show,some mags covers-vanity-ew-life story..pics w/his female co-stars,.it was also mentioned in this book about how his 'shoelaces' were stollen when he was at school and he just carried on wearing them and became his trademark..hehehe..this is probably why u see him having no problem walking w/out shoelaces..he is used to it this came-up under letter B- for bullying..well, over all a good book to have in ur collctions, so hope u get it and enjoy--I have another unauthorised Rob Biography by -Virginia Blackburn-£14.99-published in uk-2009 she has written numerous bios-including the beckhams,robbie williams,kylie minogue-ant/dec.some beautiful pics of rob as a child,pics before twilight fame and that vanity fair photo shoot of him and Kristen+ many more eary pics during twilight promotions...I bought this from WHSmiths..ok bye hope this helps..hi to my favs:)

  6. Wow, Twilightnan, you are a veritable source of prime Rob information. Your library must be getting full with all of these precious collections; they are just priceless now.


  7. thanks for all the info @twilightnan! much appreciated - will defo add to my collection , would love to have the vanity fair cover. I looked on ebay BTW for the hapers one but no luck i'm afraid - why couldnt they jsut print more :o(