Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Does Sara Gruen Think Of Rob As Jacob Jankowski?

Sara talked to the Dallas Morning News about her book being turned into a film. She mentioned Rob:

 What do you think of the casting for the movie of Water for Elephants?

I think Robert Pattinson is really going to shine in that role. He's so dedicated. This was a rough-and-tumble shoot, and when I was there on the set, he'd be lying in the dirt for 18 straight takes in a row, and he would nail every single one. He's a nice guy, and he reads. He always has a book in his hand. My family got cameos. I'm in a scene where Rosie [the elephant] is raiding a produce stand.

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  1. When u hear the author prasing the actor who is portraying a key character in her book, it speaks volumes (no pun intended). Although Sara is no Sir Michael Caine, who knows about the acting world she knows her book and it seems to her that Rob is bringing Jacob to life and to her approval. We know he is a reader but I am certain for an author it is always nice to see people actually reading a book or ereader. That is their livelihood. I am on my tippytoes, waiting for this movie to be released. I can just hear Hal Holbrook's voice on the trailer as he recounts his life and then seeing Rob onscreen as Jacob. It gives me goosebumps just thinking of it. Rob, Rosie, and Hal, to me a winning combination.

    @Mrs. Deen, I am sorry to hear about your personal trajedy, we have missed u and wish u the best at this time, our prayers are with you.
    Hugs to you.

  2. love to hear that he nailed every take.

  3. @Mrs.Deen,Hi,I don't really know the story about your personal tragedy,but whatever it is I'm sorry..u know that my thoughts and prayers will be with u and ur family.hugs to you.

  4. @Iluvthemovies I totally agree with you..we are all can't wait to see this movie..it is not long now,time will just fly away,with so many exciting events going around us..Rob and Kristen will start filming BD1--BD2..and u know what that means,there will be lots of pics of these two lovebirds,and the rest of twilight BD cast to keep us happy well until the start of promotions of WFE until it's release date in April..hope there will be a premiere in London then I will def attend hopefully u know who,i hope will escort me..hehehe..hugs to all my favs..especially Mrs.Deen..+twilola,and twymmy.