Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Wrap: First Dinner, Cullens Home Pics, Peter Talks Script

Things seem to be moving right along, as Breaking Dawn production gets ready to roll in Louisiana. First up, a fan's pictures of the Cullens home being built inside a Baton Rouge studio.

We also learned via Variety that Michael Sheen will be back to reprise his role as Aro, and after reading the script.. Peter gave People magazine a preview of what we can expect in Breaking Dawn.


Finally, Hollywood Life claims the cast already had their first official dinner in Louisiana last week and the site shared some of the alleged details:

Our source tells us that the film’s director Bill Condon rented out a private room at Fleming’s Steakhouse and there were about 30 people in attendance, including Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Nikki Reed.
And our insider tells us that the cast got to the restaurant around 8:30 PM and stayed until 11 PM! The stars had a full five-course meal and ate everything from Prime NY Strip steak, crab cakes, soup, salad and they even had “fresh redfish” flown in especially for the occasion! They finished their meal with a choice between fresh berries, cheesecake, and creme brulee.
There you go!.. we can't wait for production to officially get underway next week. Look for updates as we get them.

Photos via source


  1. I wanna live there =)

  2. Hmm..What,..no Rob and Kristen??..I can't wait to see Rob and Kristen on location,..I like Peter as Carlisle,..he was talking about few surprises in breaking dawn ,hopefully this is not going to tilt the balance of more action stuff than the Bella /Edward/Renesmee..I'm looking forward to the Wedding,and Honeymoon,and also the introductions of the other Vampire clans,..I'm sure once 'xmas is over then the months in 2011 will just roll on quickly,..what ,with the anticipation of Rob's two other movies,..Bel Ami and WFE it will be an exciting year..Can't wait!! hugs to all my favs!!

  3. The article left out that Rob and Kristen were ther and sat with Condon, Ashley and Nikki. The article even described what they wore. I think I read this on Spunk Ransom. Wow, I have never had a five course meal. That would be a treat, especially if someone else was paying for it and the article said the director and one of the producers split the bill.

  4. @Jane, thanks for that info about Rob and Kristen being there as well,so it's great to know..and I feel the same way as you ..that 5 course meal must have been a treat!..hi to my favs + twilola!

  5. Hi Twilightnan..Robstenation said Rob and Kristen were there with the gang too. Must have been a preprod celeb for cast and crew bonding before the long haul. That was generous of Mr. Condon and one of the producers who shelled out the cash. After all, the cast deserves the royal treatment most esp. Rob and Kristen.

    Wonder when Rob and Kristen will meet their "daughter"? So exciting...