Monday, October 18, 2010

Supernatural Takes A *Clear* Jab At 'Twilight'.. And Yes, At Edward Too

The episode's name is 'Live Free or Twihard.' Read all about it at Zap2It. Or just watch the preview.. where they *almost* mention Rob's name.

The show airs this Friday on The CW.


  1. Well..I have never heard or seen this show and have no intention to watch it..they are just jealous and the main intention for doing this is to attract attention to their show..it's Rubbish..JMO..hi to my favs!

  2. Its strange one would have never seen or heard this show since its succesfully running for 5 years now. Anyway, when its not ones kind of thing they dont immediately have to hate it just because it talks about twilight. These guys are hunting anything supernatural so its absolutely normal for them to not "understand" or "accept" this kind of stuff.
    I love Twilight too... but dont just start and go hate everything just because it says something we dont like about it.


  4. I have been a fan of Supernatural since the beginning and I watched this trailor and I didnt see anything wrong there hunting a vampire through some girl who is in love with him basically there showing how popular Twilight is they didn't bash Twilight or Rob or Taylor they were simply trying to break in her computer. I am a huge huge Twilight fan but seriously this is not offensive or taking a jab at Twilight...

  5. @chryssa and @anonymous 8:50

    JMO, IMO, and MHO means just my opinion, in my opinion and my honest opinion... FYI...which means for your information :)

    as long as u r respectful in ur and of others opinions u can say wtv u want. if u don't like or like something u can say it too. it is ur right as much as anyone else's.

    love to my FAVS and every ROB fan
    tks RPN

  6. I am a serious Supernatural lover. Have been watching it since season 1. They are not jealous, they're just hunting vampires. I have actually seen the whole ep. They don't insult twilight one bit. If they did, so what? It's not as if they stabbed Edward actually. But they didn't say ANYTHING, apart from Lautner and How many t's in Pattinson, We're in. I am sticking with Supernatural and will be by the Winchesters side all the way!