Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe: "I Play A Very Petulant & Moody Vampire"

Oohh Rob.. this soo requires a smackdown between Edward and Harry. Or maybe just the rematch when/if they mock Potter on The Simpsons. Fight, fight, fight!  ;)

But seriously, the episode looks adorable. It airs November 7 on FOX.

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  1. i sooooo miss ROB!! i can't wait to see him...oh plz bring the first shot of that man on set ASAP :D

    hugs to my FAVS, RPN and ROB fans

  2. Hi, Yaelfica...I'm with you. Can't wait for the first Rob fanpic to show up on the BD set and even if we don't want to, I am willing to settle for a tiny papz pic.
    Soooo excited about BD....I wonder which scene they will start filming first?

    Best regards to the favs esp. dear Twilightnan, JA and Iluvthemovies. Thanks to RPN gals for your continued time, boundless energy and attention to this blog site.

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