Thursday, October 7, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Update: Set Construction Underway In Lousiana

Collider.com was able to confirm some details on the Breaking Dawn pre-production going on right now in Louisiana.

We have confirmed through two sources that the production is currently building sets in the Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, including Edward’s house.
And by Edward's house we're assuming they mean The Cullen house.. or could it be THE cabin?! let's not get ahead of ourselves. More details including what other productions are filming at the studios at Collider.com.
Stay tuned for updates!


  1. aww,I can't wait for them to start filming..not long now..then Christmas would be upon us,so by the time we are finishing the last bit of left over 'Turkey'..it would be the new year 2011..which would be a terrific year for Robert Pattison's millions of fans as he has got two definite films for release, Water For Elephants and Breaking Dawn..and hopefully 'Bel Ami'. Hi favs!!

  2. Now the anticipation begins with possible new photos of them on the set and throw in some leaked photos and ultimately leading to the film's teaser trailer and then film clips. It should be a good year latter half of 2010. In the beginning of 2011 I am counting down the days until we have the opportunity to watch WFE. I think this film alone will either solidfy Rob's future in real good films or he is going to have a struggle breaking away from the Twilight franchise. Here is to WFE, bring it on baby, bring it on.

  3. hugs to @Twilightnan,@Iluvthemovies,@JA,@Mrs.Deen,@Yaelfica,@Nicole and everyone here.

    From what the director BD mentioned summit invested in the best production team, promises to be interesting, just another week .... and ... the photos to the plan begin to leak ,of course, from a distance, I hope;)
    @ Iluvthemovies You are right, I'm also looking forward to the WFE, the first such high volume production, in which he participates alongside such major names like the Waltz or Witherspoon. So it will be a decisive moment in his career. Similarly, Bel Ami, but for now, still not sure how to go bel ami distribution but I hope it will reach a wide audience.

    I regret that i have no time to regular commenting here ,it's such a nice place but soon ( 2 weeks )i will have more time to catch up.

  4. @papagaj, it's nice to read ur comments at last..we missed u terribly,everyone of the favs are ok..we sort of drifting everywhere,hope to see more comments from u when u have more time..hugs to u..take care.xxx