Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preview Of Edward.. Errr.. Edmund On 'The Simpsons'

And for those of you doubting this is all about Rob, check out the stills/screencaps OK magazine has put up. The Halloween episode airs Sunday, November 7 on FOX.

Thanks @PattinsonStew :)


  1. I am sorry, but that did nothing for me, if Rob had done the voice it would have been sensational. Daniel still has a British accent, so I don't know if the creaters of the Simpsons wanted a spot on imitation or just enough for viewers to know it is based on Robert's character of Edward. I will tape it, because this is just a snippet but I just think of the possibilities if Robert stepped in like in the last scene and informs the person imitating him to knock it off and go back to wizard world. He takes over biting Lisa and then showing Lisa with red eyes.

  2. Hello, to my dearest@Iluvthemovies,it is comforting to read your comments,we are all thinking of you...anyway ITA with you..that scene you're suggesting if Rob stepped in and told that person to "knock it off and go back to wizard world"..NOW..that would be hilarious!!!I knew that they should have employed you as one of the screenwriters..hehehe...

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