Monday, October 4, 2010

Shia LaBeouf Mentions Rob In New Interview

While chatting with JOE.ie, Shia LaBeouf compared his fame to that of Rob's..
JOE: How are you dealing with the whole celebrity status? You’ve got the fame and money. You’re dating hot British actress Carey Mulligan who you met on the set of Wall Street. You’ve got girls falling at your feet. You must be lapping it up...

Shia: As long as I stay famous for my work, it’s all good. If I mess up then I am famous for my mess up. I am the first one to admit that it makes great news when you hear that Robert Pattinson robs a bank. Vampire robs a bank. That’s fun. I am 23. I am a normal guy. I never walked into this to be Brad Pitt. The goal for me is to work with the best. And I am fortunate beyond belief. I’m not ready to mess it up for a drink. Do you know what I mean?
No offense Shia, but we hope if Rob ever does get in trouble (and we really hope he doesn't), it involves  more than a Walgreens security guard.

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  1. LMAO!!! SO TRUE-------> "No offense Shia, but we hope if Rob ever does get in trouble (and we really hope he doesn't), it involves more than a Walgreens security guard."

  2. good lord...baby rob is so hot.

  3. Really don't understand what he means with that sentence:"great news....etc." Is he envy ? And did he mean Rob wants to be new BP? I don'tthink that Rob wants to be 'the new anybody'. He wants to be himself, and He IS. I don't like everybody use Rob's name .

  4. @twmmy...maybe i'm being overly sensitive, but i think he may have alluded to rob wanting to be the new BP. it's not his fault he's so damn hot.

  5. Well,this Shia as far as what I know mostly was in a film co -starring with an already established Hollywood stars..,and most of those films are already stablished blockbusters sequels ,so in my opinion it was not because he was starring in the film that's why it became a hit.I hate people who are arrogant..What a contrast he is to Rob..Twilight ,..the film that propelled Robert Pattinson to a stratosphere of Super global stardom was a small budget 'indie'film with no major Hollywood A-list actors at the time...and in my opinion it was because of Robert Pattinson that made that film a Phenomenal Blockbuster hit around the world..can't really understand his reasoning for mentioning Rob apart from him being judgemental of a person's personal life..he should just mind his own business and to stop mentioning otherpeoples business in his interviews,..I'm not fond of Shia...as he said himself he is no Brad Pitt ..and ...no comparison at all with the most gorgeous man in the planet..Robert Pattinson!!

  6. ITA@twilightnan with everything you said.

  7. Wow Twilightnan.. that was quite a mouthful but ITA with everything you said. I think Shia does not always think his words thoroughly and may have put his foot in his mouth on this one. IMHO, he should have made his comments in a general sense without naming names. This just shows everyone the difference between Rob and this wannabe; Rob would never put someone down this way. He is always self-deprecating and humble in each of his interviews.