Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Vamps Got It: Twilight Recognized in Spanish Magazine Celebration

Spain's Cinemania magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a series of covers. They included this first promotional image of Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella that was originally published on EW in 2008. Nice shoutout Twilight :)

via Twilight Poison


  1. I was a late bloomer Twihard fan,..so I missed all the excitements and the hype for the first Twilight movie,so I'm so very appreciative when old pics of Rob and Kristen taken in 2008 are posted..like this mags cover..Rob looking like a vampire and Kristen looking so vulnerable and beautiful..thanks for posting ,Hugs to all my favs!!..where are you guys?? Missing everyone!

  2. Hi Twlightnan..from one late bloomer to another. We may be late bloomers but we make up for it with our dedication, right? I'll keep you company here. Missed all the early promos myself so I'll just settle for the vids and pics to appreciate the early times of Rob and Kristen. They have gone a long, long way.

    Regards to the rest of the favs and thanks as always to the RPN gals.