Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bel Ami: Fan Encounter, Track List, Ricci Talks Rob

We've mentioned before how much we love your stories about meeting Rob. And here's the latest one. Estelle met him at the Berlin Film Festival and shared her story and pics

Christina Ricci did some press for Bel Ami recently, and she mentions Rob in this clip (at 1:20-1:45). She also talks about the film and her costars in this interview

The soundtrack for the film will be released on March 20, and today the Film Music Reporter gave us a first look at the cover (front and back) and track list. There's also a link for you to pre-order.

We've also added a few more reviews to our master post, so check them all out.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Twilight At The Oscars: Edward & Bella In Montage


It was so great to see Edward and Bella recognized by the Academy.. even for just a few seconds :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sunday Times: Rob Talks Future Projects, Bel Ami, More

"The world’s favourite vampire is in Berlin for a whirlwind visit and, true to bloodsucking type, Robert Pattinson isn’t eating. Tonight, he will do the red-carpet thing for the world premiere of his new film, Bel Ami, but in the private hotel lounge allocated for this interview — “This is classy,” he comments as he strolls in — he barely makes a dent in the chicken salad he has ordered, despite his professed hunger.

Pattinson isn’t known for playing characters who do much smiling or laughing, either, so the first thing to notice is how readily he does both in person. Decked out in a black-grey ensemble and sporting a new cropped haircut under his black cap, he has barely sat down, with a pack of Camels by his side, before he’s folded up in mirth, talking about the KitKatClub, a notorious Berlin sex joint, and his desire to ­patronise it with his family. Is he joking? I hope not.“I was telling my dad about it last night, and he sounded really into it. ‘I’m coming over — let’s go to the orgy club.’ ”

The 25-year-old actor has been to Berlin many times. One of the best holidays he ever had was a stay in the east when he was 17, “before it was so gentrified”, ­frequenting bars that took up illegal residence in abandoned buildings. Such footloose times are seemingly in the past for the star of Twilight, although his desire to hit the KitKatClub may indicate otherwise. The other observation to make is that Pattinson is a very handsome man, but his face is less wide and flat than the camera makes it appear. And there are enough imperfections to separate him from the standard Hollywood pretty boy.

Georges Delivers Some Pears In New 'Bel Ami' Clip

Check out the screencap galore

Rob And Kristen Spotted At Pre-Oscar Party

Click for HQ
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Rob and Kristen hit the town Friday, as part of the pre-Oscars celebrations. They were spotted by several journalists and eventually the paparazzi.

Hope they had a good time!

Friday, February 24, 2012

'Bel Ami' Book Covers Unveiled, UK Fans Win a Corset

While fans in the U.S. wait to hear when Bel Ami will be released, seems Europe is getting all the goodies.

The UK can now pre-order the movie tie-in edition. And we got a first look at the cover. UK fans also have a chance to win a corset as part of the Bel Ami promo.  

This is Portugal's cover 

And more ads are popping up everywhere but the U.S.



In Germany, Amazon is even reporting the Blu-ray and DVD Fall release dates, while India has gotten a March 16 theater release date. The rest are on IMDb. But keep in mind the site still has the U.S. listed as March 2, and that doesn't look like it's happening unless Sony "dumps it" like The Playlist suggests.


Twilight Promo Flashback: Fan Takes Us Back To 2008

@Miriam522 takes us back to Rob's appearance on the Today show and at Planet Hollywood in 2008. So cute!

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Baruchel Calls Cosmopolis: "An exceedingly strange movie"

Jay doesn't think Team Edward fans will be interested. Right ;) - Read the article at MTV's site and watch below.

In other Cosmopolis news, German fans are guaranteed plenty of Eric on the screen, now that the film has found a distributor in that country. And it still looks like a likely Cannes world premiere, followed by a Toronto North American one according to The Playlist. We'll stay on top of it for you.

Bel Ami: Premiere & Promo Interviews

Don't miss all the pictures, rest of the videos, and reviews in our master post. We'll post the interviews here.

Rob on what he loves about France, more with Allocine - watch at their site at about 2:30 or below.

Christina Ricci talked to BBC1 about Rob (how handsome he is) listen at their site at about 1:20 or below.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Fan Recap From 'Bel Ami' Screening In Glasgow

Chrisska attended a screening of Bel Ami at the Glasgow Film Festival, and shared these great pics and audio of the directors talking about the film and Rob. 

Click to read


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sexy Outtakes Now Untagged

New outtake, possibly a crop 

We've seen these before, but now they are untagged

Man You'd Trade Your Husband For: Rob Repeats Win, Sweeps Awards!

We asked you to show your support for Rob in the iVillage Entertainment awards, and you came through! - the winners were announced today, and Rob and Twilight made a clean sweep:

After accumulating 10 iVillage Entertainment Awards over the past two years, the vampires of the Cullen clan are clear winners for the third year in a row. Twilight was voted as the “Film Franchise You’re Most Obsessed With,” and the vampires from Breaking Dawn won in the category of “Movie Crew You’d Most Want to Hang With.” Robert Pattinson once again swept all the categories he was nominated for, winning “Hottest Breaking Dawn Hunk” with 2/3 of votes, “Sexiest Onscreen Chemistry” with costar Kristen Stewart, and “Man You’d Trade Your Husband For,” taking home the award for the third consecutive year.  And Taylor Lautner’s sculpted abs in Breaking Dawn won “Best Onscreen Shirtless Moment,” beating Chris Evans in Captain America and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

You can look at how Rob kicked everyone's butt in each individually category on iVillage, but you really want to watch the Today show talking about him: "Women of all ages are obsessed with him" (and there's nothing wrong with that!).

Starts at 4:15

Twi-Wrap: Lionsgate Annoys Meyer, What Annoys Rob, The Voice Of The Twilight Books

UPDATE: Stephenie cleared up her position on Lionsgate comments.. plot thickens:

Hey all,
Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it's actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!



So many great Twilight bits to tell you about, that we're putting them all in this catch-up post. 

First off, Variety film editor Josh Dickey says Stephenie Meyer really didn't appreciate Lionsgate's comments about making more Twilight films:

As long as we’re on topic: Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention. 

That puts that issue to rest. So what almost pisses off Rob when talking about the saga? we learned that answer in this new/old interview with Kristen, from the Breaking Dawn promo (at 8:45).

The Austrian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" gave a shoutout to Twilight. (Thanks Spunk Ransom).

Of course, it's no surprise the Breaking Dawn DVD is at the top of the charts in the U.S. - both on VOD and in DVD sales. (5 Million mark update). 

Bombay Bicycle Club recently spoke about their moment in the spotlight thanks to being chosen for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. But it wasn't all that they imagined.

Seeing a decline in tourism, the city of Forks is considering a Twilight Museum and hosting Twilight weddings to attract visitors to the area. 

Our favorite story in the past week however, came when we read this interview with Twilight books narrator Ilyana Kadushin:

I think it was between the 2nd and 3rd audio book coming out that I started getting fan letters and they came from every country around the globe. Fans wrote from Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia, the Middle East, everywhere … it really blew my mind. I even received letters from soldiers in Afghanistan. I realized then just how widespread this series had become.

Soldiers in Afghanistan.. Godspeed.