Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reelz Channel: The Winning Cover Of The Year!

Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Movie Trailer

Thanks Virginia!


  1. Hey!..you guys...Favs..where r u??..getting cold and lonesome in here:(..hugs to all!!

  2. twilightnan, I am here and I see two of the other Favs on another post on this site, we seem to have been drifting a bit. I luv that they won the cover but actually I like other pics from this magazine that I thought were just as good if not better, but either way I am happy that the duo won. They are simply the best.

  3. Hello Twilightnan and Iluvthemovies, I'll keep you company too. The Robsten bubble was alive and well in the photoshoot and it showed in the fantastic pics. Another well deserved award!


  4. Hi! to Iluvthemovies ,other favs,@Twilola..at last,thanks for keeping me company..it was getting really lonely and terrible not seeing the regulars names and others from rpl..Rob is still enjoying his downtime with the love of his life.' Kristen',..and sometimes with his best mate TomStu..cannot wai to see them start filming for BD1 thanks rpn for the up dates!..Hello to all Rob's fans!!