Monday, October 25, 2010

New Japanese Interview: The Souvenirs Rob Bought For His Friends

Japanese magazine FLIX has an interview with Rob in which he talks Eclipse.. but also the quirky gifts he brought home as souvenirs:

He told us about what he got for his friends as souvenir when he visited Japan for the first time.

Robert: There was a shopping mall near where we stayed, and I got whole bunch of stuff there. One of them was toothpaste that tastes like Curry or something weird. I got like two dozen of them and gave them to my friends; it was awesome to see their reactions! (Laugh)
@Intaglio_girl shared with us the rest of the yummy flavors available.. mmm ;) . Read the rest at Robert Pattinson Press Japan.

 There's also an interview with Rob on TV Taro magazine where he talks about playing Edward:

Interviewer: Do you feel tired of acting Edward over and over again?

Robert: I try to find something different in each sequel. As I get older I have different opinions or point of view to the story. And we have a different director each time which is good; they bring us whole different idea. I also think that it is good that we are still young; we are still in the middle of the career and we are hungry to prove ourselves’ strength. Kristen may be has the longest career, but she is too, only 20 years old. There is no one who is yawning and say “so bored, I only here for money.” We are not making a movie that is not appeal to no one. There are so many people waiting for us to do a great job making a fantastic movie, I'm aware of that.

You can read Kristen's part and see the rest of the scans at Robert Pattinson Press Japan. Thanks to Clara for translating and sharing with fans! - Eclipse opens in Japan November 6th.


  1. LOL! I love Rob's gifts from Japan. He has the best sense of humor!!!

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