Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Shoot That Inspired A Thousand.. Make That A Million Sighs

2008 Vanity Fair outtakes Now in UHQ!




  1. I have never understood the pose with his head at her stomach.

  2. Yeah, that´s strange, I don´t like it either...But these Vanity Fair outtakes are great, I like it very much... For more go to:
    http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/features/twilight :)

  3. sydneyAlice> he wants her pregnant and this is a kind of signal to her and maybe to the gods that he wants to touch the sweet little one in her tummy....then again maybe the photog just wanted something different and suggested...or maybe he and kristen worked this one out as they are quite different and orginal. who knows but the baby thing is my guess...

  4. @Anonymous 9:34..you maybe right there,but I view this as 'Ultra Sound Scan'..a la Edward Cullen style!!hehehe..only joking..anyway,I love this vanity fair photo shoots especially the one where Kristen jumped and Rob catching her ..she ended up with her legs around Rob..wow it must have been heavely feelings for Kristen to be in that position..maybe more heavenly for Rob!!definitely I think..hehehe...the intensity of their chemistry was undeniable..both seemed so carefree and having such fun..this looked like part of the courting,flirting stage of their relationship..hugs to my favs and twilola!