Saturday, October 16, 2010

Psst, Rob.. Growing A Beard To Go Unnoticed Not Really Working For You

Especially now that it's landed you on Entertainment Weekly's popular column 'The Bullseye'. Of course that won't be an issue anymore with Breaking Dawn needing its clean shaven Edward any day now!

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  1. well, it just confirmed what I always believe..Rob is hot/gorgeous with beard or no beard...but poor Zac Efron,can't do anything right..even his beard is off target!! sorry Zacs fans it's not me who pointed it out,it's the mags..Hi to my favs:)

  2. Hi twiligtnan, u are so funny, I tell u what when Rob or Jake grow their beards out to long they look like Grizzely Adams, and that is not attractive to me personally. However when he has the right length, Zac or anyone else can't touch him. Rob makes stubble good.

  3. hello my sweetest @twilightnan...or should i called u Dante now reading ur comment hehe
    i wanted to let u know that i read all ur comments as i always do and i appreciate inmensely that u never forget to say hi to us ur FAVS as well as everybody else here.. luv ya hun :D

    @giulia hey darling i'm so glad to see lots of comments from u and i'm also glad that u got the HP books to read..i only read the goblet of fire...u know why right? hihihi
    and i read that BD was ur least fav from the saga?..omg @iluvthemovies is going to love u when she finds out.. ;D

    hugs to the FAVS, RPN and every Rob fan

  4. oh i almost forgot...VIVA Voltimor!!! hehe

  5. @Yaelfica, you are Soooooofunny...yes VIVA VOLTIMOR!! Ole and all..hihi..hi to all my favs:)

  6. Hello favs, missed you all especially dear Twilightnan. Again, I am of the same opinion as Iluvthemovies; scruffy Rob suits my taste more than Moutain man Rob but to each her own. Talking about HP and the GOF, I just finished watching the movie (I'm playing catch up here) and it was quite interesting watching a young Rob so full of promise. And quite delectable even at his tender age, (uh oh I think I sound pervy now too!).
    @yaelfica.. I am trying to figure out how not to be anonymous anymore. I will very, very soon.

    Regards to all the favs; you are all so fabulous! Regards to the RPN folks and everyone in the Robsten fandom.


  7. I don't think he grows the beard to 'hide' or to go unnoticed. I think, like a lot of guys, he doesn't like to shave. But, lucky us, he looks GOOD (understatement) either way.