Thursday, May 31, 2012

Huge Collection of New Amazing HQ Pictures and Fan Pictures from Cannes, Paris and Lisbon

Cannes --  Le Grand Journal, Cosmopolis Premiere and Press Conference


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Fan Pictures

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Rob In A 'Bonnie & Clyde' Type Film? He's Working On It!

Read the article at MTV or watch below (or on YouTube).

Update On U.S. Cosmopolis Release Date

RobertDazzlesMe got in touch with eOne who is distributing Cosmopolis in the U.S. and Canada, to ask them when we can expect the film to be released. This is what they wrote back:

"US Cosmopolis release will be announced in the next few weeks. As for the premiere, all we are saying at this point is that it is in Toronto. Keep checking our Facebook for more updates".

So the good news is that we should have an exact date for the U.S. release soon (rumor is August). The bad news?.. looks like the U.S. promo could mirror the Bel Ami one, meaning we get nothing. 

Shoot us now.

Crossing our fingers we get more info soon, and we'll bring it to you the minute it's in.

Premiere: Rob In Berlin Promoting 'Cosmopolis'


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Rob Talks Cosmopolis, Watching On The Road, More

This is Rob's interview with Ciné Télé Revue (Belgium) - you can see the scans here. And catch up on everything else from Cannes!

Translation via

The interview was done during Cannes. The interviewer precises that Rob was eating a lollipop.

In the movie, you get your prostate checked? Is yours asymmetrical too?
Rob: *laughs* I haven't checked that yet! Everybody talks about it, it's crazy how that line marked people.

Did you feel up to the task to take on this role?
Rob: When David Cronenberg called me I was in the middle of shooting Breaking Dawn. There were only three weeks left. As soon as I got home, I pounced on the script and read it in one sitting, in one night. It was really strong, complex and freaky but so funny!

Your character speaks all the time, weren't you scared?
Rob: The risk of failure was huge. At first, I told David I didn't feel ready for the challenge. There was too much pressure, but he convinced me. Even though he knew I didn't understand anything from the script. *laughs*

Cosmopolis Promo In Canada: Rob To Appear On Strombo

Strombo has just announced that the cast of Cosmopolis and its director will be on the show next week:

All right, this is exciting: 'Cosmopolis' just premiered at Cannes, and now we've got the director and cast of David Cronenberg's latest in the studio. David himself, Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, and Toronto's rising star Sarah Gadon will all be in the red chair.

The show airs next Thursday, June 7th, a day before the film is released in Canadian theaters. We'll post the details and videos as soon as they're in.

New HD Clips of 'Cosmopolis'

Wyck Godfrey Talks MMA's 'Best Kiss' & Breaking Dawn Part 2

Talking about the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss

Talking about Breaking Dawn - Part 2


New HQ Pictures of Rob in Paris - May 30th


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

E! Hears Rob Is *Not* Attending The MTV Movie Awards

We figured it would be tricky for Rob to make it to LA in time for the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, and now Marc Malkin has this update:

While his girlfriend Kristen Stewart will be on hand to present with her Snow White and the Huntsman costar Chris Hemsworth, I'm told Mr. Pattinson will be MIA this year.

Rob is in the middle of promoting Cosmopolis, so we knew he might be a no-show. Oh well, there's always next year (if we hear differently we'll let you know) - Rob's rep confirmed that he won't be there

Rob's Interview with USA Today - Talks Future Projects

"I used to think it was a good thing to have a safety net," says Pattinson, 26, of his starmaking Twilight role. "To know you're always safe is not real. It's got to matter."
So after Breaking Dawn, Pattinson will launch into a busy slate of projects that are starting to take shape.
"I have five things going — actually six," he says. "I'm pretty sure I know which one is going to be first."
Read the whole interview at USA Today

Cosmopolis Promo: Paris Premiere Pics & Videos

Full video from inside the theater (rest at the bottom of the post)



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Rob Promotes Cosmopolis On Le Petit Journal (Paris)

UPDATE: at about 16:30 Rob is asked how he like being on the show.

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Watch above on YT or at the source 

Translation via

Yann: Usually he gets welcomed by thunders of applause. The girls scream and take off their shirts. The photographers yell at him. It's a riot and complete chaos.
Tonight, let's spare him that, if only just for his ears. Let's welcome one of the biggest star of the world in silence. Here is Robert Pattinson.
Welcome to the show.

Rob: Hey. Silence *laughs*

Yann: Welcome to the show.

Rob: Thank you.

Yann: Bonjour.

Rob: Bonjour.

Yann: Sit down, please.

Rob: This is weird.

Yann: It is, huh? Do you like it?

Rob: Kind of, I'm a little, ... quite frightened. I don't really have experiences like that. This is serious.

Yann: They can scream if you want. Would you prefer that?

Rob: I mean if you feel like doing it. But you don't have to.

Rob: It's better. I'm definitely not tired of it yet.

Rob's Interview with Shortlist Magazine

Rob spoke to Shortlist magazine about being 26, the fame that comes with Twilight, and sleeping with Juliette Binoche in Cosmopolis:

“It was just hilarious. There wasn’t enough room in the limo so she was banging her head on the ceiling.” So this is what’s it’s like to be Robert Pattinson. “It’s just boring,” he counters, almost apologetically.

Read the rest of the interview at Shortlist.com (it's a good one!) and catch up on all the other interviews from the Cosmopolis promo tour.

Rob's Interview with Fun Radio - France

And the hot topic of the day is the hero of the Twilight saga. The good looking guy that everyone in Hollywood wants, that every girl want in their bed, let's not kid ourself. It's Robert Pattinson who plays in Cosmopolis, a movie spondered by Fun Radio, that just came out. It's the new movie by David Cronenberg. And we had the chance of meeting Rob at the Cannes Film Festival.

Indeed, you do well by saying that it's a movie by David Cronenberg because it's completely sick, where you can see the actor - revealed by the Twilight saga - almost completely naked which is already a good reason to go see it. This interview was recorded last weekend during the Festival. We asked him if he liked French cinema.

Rob: Definitely, yeah. If I could speak French, I'd live in France.

Ok, very good. But did he ever watch a French movie, I don't know, we could ask him like The Artist for example.

Rob: I haven't seen it and I was sitting next to ...

There we think he might say Jean Dujardin, right?

Rob: Oh no, it's the actress who plays with him. I saw her at the On the Road screening the other day. She was sitting next to me and I was like: 'I know, .. I know you' and I was sitting there the whole time and I couldn't remember her name. At the end I asked them, 'is that the girl from The Artist?' and they were like 'yeah, how did you not know that?' I wanted to say 'sorry' so much afterwards, I was so embarrassed.

Bérénice Béjo.

Yep, nice for her.

It's like the story of her life.

I mean, to stay mute in front of her is normal after The Artist.

New Picture and Interview with CMJornal in Portugal - He says Eric Packer is just a weirdo.


How would you define Eric Packer (main character in 'Cosmopolis'): is he just a sort of a weirdo or is he a visionary?
He's just a weirdo(laughs). I think he is a person who is desperately looking for something but doesn't know what that is. Basically, no one is a visionary, the world repeats itself.

But wasn't Don DeLillo's a visionary when he write the book? Because the story was written 12 years ago, but is current and reflects the global economy today...

Yes, that's crazy. But at the same time, the collapse of financial markets... it seemed obvious that would happen.

Do you follow news about the economy, the reality of Europe?

In general but not specifically. It's weird. I know they're all terrified of what's happening.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Video: Kristen Talks Rob & Cosmopolis with MTV, Fandango and E!

Kristen says that she is so proud of Rob in Cosmopolis. She calls it so cool and says that Rob is so good in it. 

or watch it here at the source.

Kristen talks about Rob and Cosmopolis with E! News "I'm really truly impressed"


Kristen Stewart mentions Robert Pattinson on Fandango and does a impression of a Rob's pouty face.

Via / Via

Cosmopolis Promo: Portugal Premiere Pics & Videos

Walking the red carpet

Inside the theatre

Rob Sightseeing In Portugal With His Parents

Joined by his parents Robert and Clare, the “Remember Me” stud headed over to the Mosterio dos Jeronimos Cathedral while mobs of fans gathered near to catch a glimpse.

Maps To The Stars: Details About LA Shoot, Script

Director David Cronenberg spoke with The Playlist at Cannes about his next project involving Rob called Map to the Stars:

"I asked Rob if he would be interested in playing a particular role in it and he said yes, he would. Likewise,Viggo [Mortensen] is interested in a role," Cronenberg said. "It would be very interesting. This is a project called 'Map To The Stars' written by Bruce Wagner who is a wonderful L.A. screenwriter."

Cronenberg talks about what could delay the project, mainly difficulty in funding, and shares what you can expect from the story. Read it all at The Playlist.

More Of Eric In The Limo In New 'Cosmopolis' Clips & BTS

We Die On Weekends


Cosmopolis: Rob Being Sweet With Fans In Portugal

 Rob arrived in Lisbon yesterday, to begin promoting Cosmopolis in that country. You can see the press conference pics here, and stay tuned for everything from the premiere!

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