Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorry Jason Bourne, We Kinda Want To Save Rob For 007

Next Movie has an interesting article about who should play Jason Bourne in the hit franchise, now that it's been announced that Matt Damon is not attached to the project. They suggest Rob as a possible candidate:
Let’s think: what does the star of a “Bourne” movie need to do? He needs to be able to pull off action sequences; he needs to be able to do some deep brooding; and he needs to do both while looking good. A brooding, good looking action star? That’s what Pattinson’s business cards say, people. Could there be a more perfect fit for the part than RPattz? We didn’t think so either.

See we disagree. Don't get us wrong, we kinda like the idea of Rob playing a spy/action hero/super agent, but Bourne is no James Bond.. THE spy/action hero/super agent. While it may take a while to potentially see Rob in that role.. we can wait. 007 is worth it ;) What do you think?


  1. OMG!! defintely ..OO7..just imagine Rob uttering those words.."my name is Bond.."JAMES BOND"!!Rob has got the looks ,the height and the accent!what more do you want..so I agree with you there ..Rob should wait for the british 007 agent role..and he can get excelent tips from his screen dad Pierce Brossnan(former 007)..Hi to my favs!!

  2. I would have never described Bourne as brooding. and IMO, Bourne is a little too much action for flippy.

  3. I could see Rob as James Bond - definitely more a Pierce Brosnan type as opposed to Daniel Craig. Bourne is more rough-and-tumble and gritty. Besides, I want to hear Rob's voice and accent, not an American accent. Love his voice, yum.

  4. u know how much I adore Rob but for me he is at his best in films when he plays roles that require an actor who can come across as vunerable. That is really hard for most guys to do and he does it SOOOO well. So although I think he could honestly put his hand to anything he chooses I think a bond role would not allow us to see that amazingly, sensitive side we all adore.

  5. I think he would be great as 007,tall handsome,sense of humor,what more do we want and oh yes he is so BRITISH.