Thursday, October 7, 2010

EW Cover: Rob Among The 50 Most Powerful Entertainers of 2010

Let the invasion begin!

This week’s EW cover story brings back The Power List, our rankings of the most influential people in the entertainment business. We started doing these rankings way back in 1990 — when names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna were up high — and have come back to it from time to time in various forms (in 2007, it was The Smart List). This year, we’re freshening things up again, by focusing exclusively on on-screen talent — in other words, folks with recognizable faces only, no agents or studio suits need apply. As usual, we based our calculations on a formula that included both hard, crunchable numbers (box office grosses, TV viewers, albums sold) with less tangible factors, like a star’s influence within their industry or general command of the pop cultural stage. We’ve come up with some nifty new sidebars, too, such as EW’s first international edition of the Power List (take a bow, Golshifteh Farahani, the Julia Roberts of Iran!).

@epnebelle tells us in the overall list Rob is actually #45. She says the scan below where he's #5 is on a separate "40 Under 40" list. Either way congratulations Rob!

Read more over at PopWatch. The issue is on newstands now!

via @PattinsonStew :)


  1. love Rob so much!!!

    please vote for Rob!!!!


  2. @Anonymous...you got it darling..it is done...yep we all love him don't we...

    Have a great day

    Love to everyone especially to my favs.

  3. Haha, I love that they used a photoshopped pic of him, that's awesome! So much for that maroon suit! It was a nice suit, but it looks great black too lol.

  4. i can actually be objective about this....taylor at #3...give me a break! EW is losing cred by the hour.

  5. Hmmm..I'm getting this Feelings that EW ,is Pro Werewolves,.this is the only rational reasoning for Taylor to be #3..he was only on Valentines day for a very short time..and he was not the main star ...I'm..baffled by this list...Hello to Mrs.Deen it's nice to see ur here we missed u terribly,looking forward to reading more of ur comments,take care..hugs to u and the other favs:)