Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vampires Galore! Summit Announces Additional 'Breaking Dawn' Casting

Looks like Rob, Kristen, and the rest of the Twilight crew are about to get some company. Summit has cast
The Amazon Coven, The Egyptian Coven, The Irish Coven and The Romanian Coven as well as the American and European Nomads. Twilighters Anonymous did a great job putting faces to the names of those chosen, so click on each of the Covens to check them out. You can also read more of their backstory on the press release issued by Summit. Welcome to the fandom everyone, Edward says Hi!


  1. I am not a big fan of BD, I think the story went way past what it could have been, especially since it was the last in the saga about Edward and Bella. I was very disappointed as I know other fans were too. I can't imagine how much time each of these vampire covens will have on screen unless they make a 3 hour movie. You need to encompass Bella's transformation, how she reacts to it, possibly a very nice love sceen with Edward and Bella in the cottage, spending time with their new daughter and then the fight with the Volturi, which they will need to add some action to balance what some of us think of as a non-conflict. What would be the point to show it on screen if nothing happens. It could have been an epic battle like the Rohan meeting the Orks in Lord of the Rings, or students and good wizards fighting the Lord Voltimor and his evil minions or any of the other conflicts that gives us such drama and investment in a story. Well one can only hope. I know I am but one opinion and there are others who see it completely different and I respect their POV, it is just not my POV and it has nothing to do with Rob or Kristen. I know that I will be very happy seeing their other projects and that Twilight to me is a stepping stone to better and superior film roles in the future for both of the them. I thank the original Twilight movie for giving us these two individuals to fill a romantic need in us, I just don't really care for the series as a whole. It is no Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. You may disagree but I think an Academy Award for Best Picture, and the staggering success of HP proves that when done right a franchise can be done to fans expectations and done well.

  2. just so you know... it's Lord VOLDERMOT

  3. Iluvthemovies - I would be surprised if the covens take up much time in the movie, but they are necessary background for the 'confrontation' with the Volturi. Lets face it - every actor wants to be part of this franchise.
    I bet BD1 will be the wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy - all the Edward and Bella we could hope for. I would guess BD1 will end with the sound of Bella's heart stopping as her transformation is completed - the perfect cliff hanger.
    Like you, I am even more anxious to see Rob's new work. We have years of wonderful work to enjoy.

  4. @JLC, i agree, you worded it perfectly, "necessary background". they won't, and shouldn't, have too much to do in the movie other than have a presence.

  5. @Iluvthemovies,..I know that you're not a fan of the final book and as a fellow regular blogger whose comments I take seriously into account as meaningful and intelligent,I understand where ur coming from and of course respect ur views...you know that I love the final book and the whole Twilight series.I have read all the books and seen all the movies and the only one I was not keen on was NM,maybe beacause Rob was only at the beginning and at the end of the film.I love BD and can't wait to see the 1&2 I know it would be a long wait but I'm an optimist and always try to look at the bright side of life,I'm sure the two films will be both awesome finale to the series,some of the vampires will have their introductions at the wedding- and the rest other vampire covens/clans will be in BD2 -I'm looking forward to see Bella's transformations to a new born vampire ,seeing Renesmee-amazing speed-up growth,seeing the cullens and their relationship with Bella/the vampire,and the Werewolves pack,introduction of charlie to renesmee,the moment Irina set eyes on renesmee,the announcement that the voltouri are coming ,the different covens of vampires invitations to be witnesses by the cullens,bella's discovery that she is also gifted and utilised this powerful shield to protect her family during the confrontation/battle w/the voltouris,I felt real excitement ,apprehension,tensions and fear when i was reading this part on the book,I'm positive both films would be awesome as long as they remain true to the books,well I'm sure they will be as i believe Stephanie Meyers will be one of the producers if i'm not mistaken I'm very positive that she is not going to jeopardised the final book in her Twilight saga which I can remember she referred to as her"BABY"..Well that's in my opinion,..hugs to my favs:0

  6. i knew this was gonna be lOoong hehe

    more ROB time on screen? that's all i care about :D
    tho i have to say, the Romanian coven...WHAT??? umm...ermm... wtv...

    love to my favs

  7. @Yaelfica,Hi,nice ur here..err..sorry it's Looong,..r u going on messenger? I'm terrified to go to hell ,..u know who may burn me to a cinder!hihi..only joking..I'll go there for a short time only as i need to be up early at 5:30am..so c u later maybe,hugs to my favs!!

  8. @JLC ITA with you about seeing wonderful future projects with Rob, I diagree however, and respectfully that not every actor wants to be in this movie, maybe the newbies, because this can give them a kick start in their career. I don't see Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, or James Franco flocking to be in this movie.

    @JA I knew u would disagree but I want u to know I still am longing to see BD1, not so much BD2. The Denali Clan and Garrett are the vampires I am most interested to see because they have more of a storyline in the book.

    @my sweet twilightnan, I knew when I was typing this comment, the one I was most concerned about was u, because I know how much u luv these books and movies. Just so u know, I will still see BD2 to give it a chance and the only thing I want to see in it is Edward and Bella going at it in the cottage. No restraint just no hold barred sex as much as u can get away in a PG-13 movie.

    @Yaelfica, Lucifer has returned, now I feel like I am back at RPL. However, I want RPN to know that I am pro Rob, but not always pro Twilight.

    Hugs to my favs, hugs to Mrs. Deen, I hope things are getting better for you, you are in our thoughts, and hugs to all on RPN.

  9. @iluvthemovies...is ur head still on ur shoulder?? or did Dante got u already hihi

    i love the fact that no matter our POV we still have respect for eachother and we use a USERNAME to give everyone the chance to answer back...
    and Lucifer i also agree with u on the Lord Voltimor issue ;D

  10. Hello lovelies! i have just finished reading BD, really enjoyed it but to be totally honest it was my least favourite of the 4 books. I think the main reason was that ikept wanting more Edward time !!!! call me selfsih but the Edward/Bella moments are the ones that truly get me turning pages and i was just hoping for a few more in BD. The end result is that I adore Rob and have watched every one of his movies, which i have all enjoyed! I am looking forward to both BD1 and BD2 as I am very interested to see how they land up shooting them. Where they divide them etc. i think the wedding and honeymoon parts will make for good screen time, Rob in a suit ...at the Alter ..looking totally hot !! I'm sure we can all handle that . Equally cannot wait for WFE and Belami .. I must confess I have never read Harry Potter but based on your reccommendation @iluvthemovies I have decided that it is going to be my next series! I start reading the first book tomorrow, i'll keep you posted on my progress. Going away for the weekend. Hope you all have a lovely one. Hug's to the lovely @twilightnan and @yaelfica

  11. @Yaelfica,..no, be reassured that our dearest Lucifer has still got her head on..I haven't had the time to Zooooom over that part of the globe yet...maybe next year ..hmmm..I'm busy saving -up all my resources..hehehe..I'm working very hard to brain wash Iluvthemovies to be a as fanatic follower of Breaking Dawn 2,like that FGW(Fierce Goddess Warrior)hihi..Well, what do u think of my chances of succeeding?

  12. @giulia,Hi!..a Big..thank u for the Hugs, and same as u have never read any of the Harry Potter books even though I've seen these in my daughter's house as she is a HP fan,I've never had the desire to read the books but I must admit I liked the Films especially at the beginning when they were all still very young.. Reading Twilight books was a totally different experience for me..the First,one was awesome and magical ,I couln't not stop..it was agony having to wait for the two remaining books-Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to read not after 'xmas..as friends were giving these to me as presents..my family made me promised not to have a sneak look in the bookstores...anyway,I'm sure you will enjoy reading HP!and specially Lord Voltimor!;)hehe..