Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!.. Japanese Magazine Profiles Rob

With Eclipse getting ready to open in Japan November 6th, you can bet we'll be getting a lot of articles out of there. This one comes from Theater Culture Magazine "T" Japan. Enjoy.. and we don't just mean the pictures!

Robert is a ‘hot star’ among teens, and likely expected to choose parts that his fans would expect.”

Rob “I chose a part where peo­ple would see me as a human being. I don’t want to be type­cast and wanted to be rec­og­nized as an indi­vid­ual. It’s not about pub­lic image, but about me con­tin­u­ing my career. I thought it was impor­tant to give a per­for­mance that would leave a dif­fer­ent impres­sion than those up to this point
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  1. Gaaahhh..it is the scruffy look and smouldering eyes that kills me. Geesh, Rob, how can one guy ooze this much sex appeal?

  2. Hi! Twilola, I can see you are busy oggling Rob's pics..hihi..not that I blame you! he is so yummy in this pics...I'm just desperately wishing for that track bottom to fall down..hehe..I don't know how his girlfriend K could stand it..you know..locking him away from the likes of us and throwing away the key!!twilola hope you're having a nice holiday and Happy birthday to your hubby and grandson!!

  3. these pics are seriously just tooo hot to handle..where can we get a copy of this magazine ? what was it called - honesly just unbearably goregous

  4. seriously....even an old lady like myself can hardly stand to look at these without exploding.

  5. Anonymous 2:50,..You are not the only one!!Rob looking like this is enough to raise anyone blood pressure and gives you palpitations can you imagine what he would be like in person!! he makes us feel young at heart and happy!!hi to all my favs and twilola!

  6. Oh my....please...this pics are SO breathtaking !!! You should use some kind of warning - in capital letters at least - before posting something like this to us!!! :)
    BTW: Thanx thanx thanx, I´ve just finished reading MOTU so far, starving for next chapter to be posted and this will help me to survive for a while. Maybe. Or make it worse, I don´t know. Oh, my Fifty :)