Saturday, October 30, 2010

Official Word Is In: 'Breaking Dawn' Will Be Shot In Rio!

The President of the Rio Film Commission has finally confirmed that Breaking Dawn production is headed to Rio (google translate version):
Dawn will be shot in Rio in November. With full support of the Rio Film Commission. For security reasons I can not say when and where.
The Mayor and Governor Eduardo Paes Cabral directly engaged to enable the filming of Dawn in the River Plate Gol!

An estimated investment of U.S. $2 million into the economy of Rio seems all right to come and Dawn team is filmed here.

Can not say anything else. I count on your understanding. I think Rio is consolidating as a destination for international productions!

All security measures will be taken to ensure a smooth shoot. The City Council and Gov. of the State will provide needed support.
We'll keep you posted as more information comes in! - Thanks Sergio (@ssl_RioFilme).


  1. So excited..glad their trying to keep it true to the book and no fake green screen..but sad at the same time that the twilight saga is coming to a end...

  2. I guess it is the sex scenes out of the way first! Will they be going back to NOLA after that? Canada filming isn't until March right?

  3. Kristen in NY said they're shooting til May :)

  4. Wow!..The Honeymoon of newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Bella Cullen!!..I bet it's not only me who is getting excited about this..must be a paradise like location,..only the very best!!hi to my favs and twilola!

  5. Oh, Google translate, u did it again; The right translation is: '...directly engaged to enable the filming of Breaking Dawn in Rio. Fantastic!'(There's no place called 'River Plate Gol').

  6. That's right Twilightnan..WOW is the word!!! This is just such exciting news indeed. I can't believe we have gotten to this point in BD and filming in Rio...just WOW!! Here's hoping for a safe trip for Rob and Kristen. May they get some downtime and enjoy the marvels of Rio and the island where they will be filming the honeymoon.

    Happy weekend to all ROB fans and the wonderful favs esp. Twilightnan, JA and Yaelfica.

    Wonderful post, RPN!!!