Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rob Wins At The Scream Awards & Scoop On 'Breaking Dawn' Rehearsals!

Spike TV's Scream Awards were taped tonight in LA and the 'Best Fantasy Actor' went tooo.. Rob!! (updated from our earlier post). While Rob did not attend, Kristen did show up to accept her award as Best Fantasy Actress and the Bella hair is back!

She had just flown back from Louisiana (there's now set pictures), where Marc Malkin confirmed she'd been rehearsing with Rob and Taylor for the past few days. Eclipse also won Best Fantasy Movie. While there to accept the award, Jackson talked about the Breaking Dawn script and told Twilightish there will be some Renesmee-making action.. ;)

The show airs next Tuesday on Spike TV.


  1. Oh wow, I though she wouldn't attend. That's a shame Rob wasn't there( I missed him. He is probably shaved right now *sigh* :)

  2. Damn, Kristen looks gorgeous

    Im guessing Rob won and they announce Tuesday???

  3. I really really hope Rob won! I'm so excited Breaking Dawn is underway!!!

  4. Haven't posted in a while due to hectic work sched but lurked around just to catch up on the latest news. I missed the posts esp. from the favs. Hello Twilightnan, please check your e-mail because I have a query for you. Hope you are having a grand weekend.

    @Golnaz.. yep Kristen looked absolutely ravishing at the Scream awards. Rob is a lucky, lucky man indeed.

    @Calihi27..I also hope Rob won an award too. We'll find out soon enough. And yes, I am also getting very excited about BD especially since Rob, Kristen and Taylor have done their rehearsals so production is just around the corner. Let's get on with it!!

    Thanks RPN, please keep the fire burning.


  5. Hi! to my favs and @Twilola,thanks for ur email,I have send u a reply,..wow! Kristen looks stunning in this dress and matching shoes..she looks so elegant and so beautiful with those killer legs..Congratulations to her for winning the best Fantasy actress award..now all we want is for her beau to win the best fantasy actor award...there are new pics of them together at Baton Rouge ..so sweet and guess what?? our missing in action.. "DEAN"..is back!! Hooray!!!hugs to all my favs and all on RPN.

  6. @ Twilola Yaaaayyy! I'm so happy Rob won! So happy to see the pics of Rob and Kristen on the set. Exciting times right ahead! Woo hoo!!! :)