Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Thing They Got This Security Issue Settled..

UPDATE: Ego is reporting that security has been doubled as Rob and Kristen prepare to shoot their overnight scenes at the Lapa set (Google translate version):

After rioting in Lapa, the police riot squad arrived at the Lapa in downtown Rio, to ensure safety on the set of "Breaking Dawn." Convened by the film, about ten men in riot gear came divided into three vehicles to support and ensure the safety of the people involved in production.

The police came armed with rifles, which scared some children waiting to see the idols Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. "You do not push and even hit us, right? You just want to play at Robert, "asked one of them a policeman, who smiled and replied:" We do not hit anyone. "

After the police arrived on the set mounted in Lapa ten taxis that will participate in the filming. Already at 21:50, ended the release of the extras on the set and many people registered on the site of the producer of the movie ended up out. The extras that will participate in the filming, the producer demanded that did not use dark clothes.

At 22:50, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived for the filming of "Dawn" in Lapa. The actors arrived at the street Lavradio different in two armored cars, each escorted by another vehicle with security guards. Soon after, it was time for a trailer as a makeshift dressing room to get there.

Read more about the scene expected to be filmed there tonight.

There is also a report that residents rented out their balconies for people wanting to see filming going on. Check out the rest at Twilight Lexicon.

While filming started in the Marina, Rio security officials were allegedly busy putting out last minute fires at the other Breaking Dawn set to be used tonight. In the very literal sense..

According to media reports people were upset, when they were told the only way they could gain access to the area was with proof of residence (Google translate version):

Tense climate in the neighborhoods of Lapa and Neighborhood of Fatima, in downtown Rio, where there will be filming the "Dawn", the new film by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. With roads closed, residents of the buildings can only reach their homes with proof of residence. Prevented from circulating freely, chemical toilets and they burned bonfires on the street. Many, having been warned in the nick of time and not having proof of residence, could not get home.

"I pay property tax dear, I am entitled to go to my house when I want!" Protested one resident.

The owner of a thrift store in Lavradio Street, corner of Rua do Riachuelo, who asked not to be identified, said: "Today is a day of movement for us. On Sundays we have visits of many tourists. Just closed the street and then came with the 'chat' (the film's production) that I would win $100. I am working and this amount does not cover my expenses. I want my rights and know where in the Constitution is written that this kind of event can happen.

Because of the confusion, the Municipal Guard reported that a stretch of the Brook Street has been released until the start of filming.

We did hear another claim that the fires were actually set by production as a technique to make the buildings look older. You decide.

Photos: Globo.com

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  1. Oh JFC, they should totally understand why it is SO necessary for security to be tight. Dude should be f*cking happy this movie is bringing so much attention to the area. *rolls eyes* Continue to stay on top of everything security! We want our actors safe!

  2. As much as I love Twilight, I don't love it at the expense of the financial loss incurred by the locals! The producers should have known better and Summit should hand out larger reimbursements to those affectd. Tough luck though since we all know Summit is CHEAP.

  3. you're disrespectful Calihi27! These people should be able to go to their homes&their jobs whenever they want&Summit should've found a place that wouldn't cause so much damage to local business; that is wht the man says; they'll give himm 100$ when he would've made more on a Sunday from tourists! And I wouldn't give a damn if there was a movie shot outside my howse if it ment I wouldn't be able to get inside! Do you understand their frustration now???????

  4. Nooo. That's not truth. The right information is in www.foforks.com.br on the chat that trey're making. Translate this by yourselves. Its the right thing: "Uma das moradoras nos disse que o fogo no local foi coisa da produção pra envelhecer o local, como noticiamos mais cedo. A pessoa que nos informou é uma das moradoras do local então se ela estivesse revoltada como saiu no EGO acho que ela não iria dizer isso, além disso aquilo aconteceu há um bom tempo atrás, tá tudo fechado lá, tudo seguro, não tem problema algum, a única coisa que teve, como noticiamos anteriormente foi um cara que quis passar de bike e foi impedido e quis criar caso "

  5. *rolling eyes* Don't you worry, YOUR actors are safer here then JESUS CHRIST himself would be if he survived the romans. That fire was reportedly put by the PRODUCTION of the film to make the façades of the buildings look older.
    I wonder if YOU would be very happy if you had been banned from entering your own home because some freaking foreing company took over a public street to film a movie that you wouldn't se the green of the incoming profits.
    The security is doing s great job, the fans have been great and respectful and these people have been treated better than if they were in their own country, because that's how brazilian people treat foreigns, even when they don't deserve it.

  6. Yeah, this really is horrible. The residents should have the rights to come and go as they please. The production is invading there home, so it should be up to them to find ways to suit their own safety needs without disturbing the residents. They should not have to put their lives on hold to suit the needs of some mega Hollywood production. http://robpattinsosociety.blogspot.com/

  7. Have you seen some people there? So that's no true, if you are mad go to talk to Summit, they probably can answer you

  8. Don´t worry guys! Not true that the sites are talking here in Brazil! In fact, some residents were a little upset! But the story of the fire is a lie! My friend was there at that hour! Who put the fire was the team itself, this is a technique of aging on the set!