Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HQ Scans/Translation - Robert Pattinson Special

Our lovely follower @LauraDijkman, picked up this booklet at a Dutch cinema when she went to see 'Remember Me' this week. She shared scans and translated highlights of the articles inside. (the answers and info seem familiar, bits and pieces of other interviews so don't take it word by word please) Thank you Laura!

Interview RP special, page 2.
From child to star.
Robert Thomas Pattinson was born on May 13 1986 in London and was, from a young age,
a headstrong and curious little guy.
His elder sisters Lizzie and Victoria were secretly bummed that they didn't get a baby sister,
it didn't stop them from using little Rob as a dress-up doll.
"Until I was 12 I was walking around like a barbie doll and my sisters told everyone my
name was Claudia", tells the actor.
He wasn't popular in school at that time, his popularity came at the age of 14. "I went to a
new school, put some gel in my hair and from one day to the other girls noticed me".
Not just the girls discovered his looks, modeling agencies also liked the tall guy with the
androgynous look.
This career did not last long though, because the intelligent Pattinson soon got bored
between the shallow models and decided to join a theater company. "Or more my dad
decided this, because I was kind of shy. He stepped up to a few pretty girls we ran into in a
restaurant and asked: "where are you from". They said: "from the drama club", on which
my father said: "Rob, you have to go there, this is really something for you".
His first big play was an instant success, because he was discovered by an agent who
arranged a a part for him in Vanity Fair (with Reese Witherspoon) and after that the Harry
Potter movies. However, Rob's big breakthrough came when he was cast as the vampire
Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga.
"I was actually afraid to end up in another teenage movie, but then I met Kristen Stewart at
the audition, the actress on whom I had a bit of a crush in my teens because she's so
talented. The moment I heard she would play the female lead instead of a bimbo, I
knew it would all work out fine".
Rob was right, because Twilight and the sequel New Moon were a huge cinema success, and
his appearance immediately caused hysterical scenes comparable to Leonardo DiCaprio in
Titanic. Something by the way the actor was not waiting for at all. "If I had known that this
movie would bring so much crazyness, I don't know if I would have said "yes" to the
Twilight Saga. I never asked to be a posterboy".
With deeper roles in movies such as Remember Me and Bel Ami Robert hopes to movie his
career in a more serious direction. "I can only hope for a resume like Leonardo DiCaprio. My
wish: an Oscar before I'm 30 years old. But I still have a long way to go ...".

5 questions to Robert Pattinson, page 5.

1. How does it feel to be Hollywood's most wanted actor?
Strange. Scary. Shocking. And also a bit overwhelming to be honest. At this moment it is too
much, everywhere I go, girls are screaming or fainting. I don't understand why, because I
am a normal guy who is not at all doing his best to be noticed. And really; I'm not as sexy
as Brad Pitt?

2. What is the most bizarre thing you've encountered with a fan?
On the set of Twilight one of our errand-guys put a baby in my arms and asked if I could
pose. The mother had given the child along with him, while she was standing at the gates a
kilometer away. I thought that was pretty sick; you don't give your baby to a stranger just
to score a photo of your idol?

3. Do you never behave as the big superstar who trashes hotel rooms and demands strange things?
Oh yes I love throwing things around in my hotel room haha. No, seriously, I think I've stayed
pretty normal, I am much to down to earth to make crazy demands. Well, except for a
private chauffeur, but that is only because I am a disaster on the road and others even
forbid me to drive.

4. What is true about the story that you and your New Moon co-star Kristen Stewart are an item? Kristen and I have a special bond together, she is the sweetest, smartest and strongest girl I know. If we have a relationship I would rather not say, because my words get twisted around too much and can be "old news" by the time this interview is printed. I've been linked to a lot of actresses in Hollywood, most of them I find too silly and shallow that I would not want to date them.

5. Is it easy to go on a date now that you're famous?
Easy? On the contrary, girls have such high expectations of me that I don't even dare to
date out of fear of embarassing myself.
I can never live up to the image that the media have created, I am not that "hunk". Besides
that there is always the fear that women only want to date me because I'm famous, and
with a little bad luck they will go straight to the gossip press afterwards.

*Test on page 6.
Which Robert Pattinson character do you like?/fits with you?

1. What do you find important in a man?
A. That he treats me like a princess
B. That he knows what he wants and goes for it
C. That he has the looks of a moviestar

2. What does your perfect date look like?
A. A long forest walk and kiss under the moonlight
B. Sit on the back of his motorcycle and drive through town by sunset
C. Eat in a 5 star restaurant with expensive champagne

3. What famous man is your type?
A. Patrick Dempsey
B. Brad Pitt
C. John Mayer

4. What does your ideal relationship look like?
A. Together forever, until eternity
B. A lot of excitement and passionate nights
C. Relationship? I only do one-night-stands

5. How does your ideal man dress?
A. Stylish and in dark colours
B. Boyish and tough
C. Nonchalant like an artist

6. Can your man cheat in your relationship
A. Ofcourse not, he has to be faithful until eternity
B. Flirting is ok, but if he takes it further it's over
C. Why not? I like to kiss other men as well

7. How do you want him to make a move on you?
A. By being mysterious and hard to get
B. By being direct and approach me right away
C. By saying I look really sexy.

Most A's: The romantic Vampire Edward from Twilight
Most B's: The tough rebel Tyler from Remember Me
Most C's: The bad seductor Georges from Bel Ami


  1. That's a beautiful interview...It's clear Robert totally adores Kristen..what could he say more to make us undertsand they're dating and they love each other?! I've always believed in temh, and I alway will...Gos Bless Robsten!

  2. I think Kristen and Robert looked good and fit together but it's not everyone's call to make. Nobody know how they actually feel about each other. We all know what we only see on screen but never alone together. I do think they'll make a good couple though. Best of wishes to you both.


  4. One of the reason Rob is so attractive is because he is so humble about his fame!!

  5. Rob I am so glad your trying to keep your private life private!! Good luck our friend and may sucess always be with you! I think your one heck of a person and I am glad that you do have the family that you have and the TRUE friends that you do have! Take care of yourself!!

  6. Well I feel for all famous people. You Rob I really feel for. You play the ultimate dream guy on the big screen but who knows how you really are. I think that is why the girls can't get enough of you, hah. It would be cool to meet and greet you though. You are young and talented, not to mention quite handsome. Don't let Hollywood get the best of you. You have a long way to go and I wish you all the best! Enjoy life while you can! Be safe out there in fame world.

  7. Rob could do so much better than Kristen. She is such a child and not a very good actress. She doesn't show any emotion in her films.(hence the word boring! He is so talented and handsome, I think for him it was just that when he met her she was unattainable and under age. It was the thrill of the hunt. Look what she did to her boyfriend Micheal. Sneaking around with Rob and lying to Micheal. Pretty low if you ask me. Oh well guess Rob will find out when she does it to him with her next good looking leading man.

  8. I went to go see the Twilight movies to check out what my 16 yr. old had the required reading at school on, and was actually happy about doing it. Gotta tell ya this over 40 is a fan - chemistry is chemistry and it is very apparent. I hope they take it slow, and do as they are doing, privately and on their terms.

  9. Anonymous 1:17pm... tsk...tsk...