Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rob Wins Big At The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

UPDATE 11/17: Cleaner version/quote added via RobstenLovex

“hey guys, hope you’re hav­ing a good night. obvi­ously, the best dressed awards is very rel­e­vant, im best dressed at all times. *smile* i’m also act­ing right now, im doing the Twi­light saga break­ing dawn. Thank you so much!”

UPDATE 11/16: First video of Rob's acceptance speech is in! (just wear your earplugs) Thanks!
OddieOdelia. Will update with better quality when it's in.

The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards were broadcast (radio) in the UK today, and Rob won Best Dressed & Best Actor. He accepted via a pre-recorded message and here is a first look!

Per the Daily Mail:  

But the fans were whipped up into a frenzy when he appeared via video message to thank them for his two honours

'Sorry I can't be here': Robert Pattinson thanked fans via video message for his Best Actor and Best Dressed Award

The Awards will be shown on  BBC Three this Wednesday at 7pm, so expect an update. Congratulations Rob!

Thanks Denmarkgirl , Lynzi75, Nurchuk, PattinsonStew for the heads up!

Photo: Getty Images -IndiaTimes. HQ: Pattinsonlife.
Sadly for the Twi-hards in the audience, Twilight hear-throb Robert Pattinson couldn't make it to accept to accept his two awards - Best Dressed and Best Actor - because he was abroad.


  1. oh sooo cute!!

    tks RPN hope to see more soon!

  2. It does not even look like Rob, he seems so young and guant looking. I look forward to looking and hearing his prerecorded speech.

  3. It looks like he's on the Breaking Dawn set... I don't know?

  4. Well Hello !!ladies @Iluvthemovies and Yaelfica,..it's nice to see both of u ,I knew he would win another title under his belt..same as Iluvthemovies I'm looking to hear his acceptance speech..it is just a shame Rob was not in the UK again to receive his awards..Rob looking so young like 18 again!!hi to my favs!

  5. where is everybody??? hell is nothing without yall :)

  6. @Yaelfica,hi I'm here..it's nice to have u back and i enjoyed our brief chat in hell ..hihi..It's Twilola, Mrs.Deen and papagaj are MIA..i can't believe @papagaj is not surfacing with all these exciting events in RIO..hope they are all ok..back to Rob ..finally finished filming in Brazil..can't wait to see some new pics in Baton Rouge, riding his bike..with perhaps Kristen sitting on a saddle!then I'll get my daily fix of Robsten..hugs to all and my favs!...especially my dear,dear..Iluvthemovies!

  7. Hi everyone, it is excitement all over with all the pictures and Rob's win and I hope Rob wins sexiest man too....How are you my favs @lluvthemovies,@yaelfica, @twilightnan, @papagaj and everyone else...I am excited as you are to see all these pictures......I am still waiting to see a trailer of Belami and Water for elephants...Don't you think it is time we got atleast a teaser trailer....

    With that haircut Rob looks much younger...handsome as always..looking forward to seeing his pre recorded message too....he has buffed up a little ...nice work Rob...

    Love to all especially to my favs...Here is warm hugs to my favs....

  8. Hello favs, had a busy weekend babysitting the grandkids but I was able to post comments last night after seeing the swimming pics. ITA with you ladies, Rob does look all of 17 years with bangs on his face, so cute. The guy continues to sizzle whatever his look is. Rob should be back in Baton Rouge now and hopefully will get some downtime before the next round.

    Hello Mrs. Deen, I have not had a chance to meet you but would like to at some point. I'm a newbie fav and have met with the rest in "Hell".

    Good night, good morning or good afternoon to all the fabulous favs wherever you are. See you in "Hell".

  9. @twilola, i know you honey ..i remember talking to you when we used to visit RPL..i know I missed to write your name on the fav list, i apologize. you are one of my favs. i visit this site every day morning and evening and on weekends more frequently. I love this site, thanks to @yaelfica for introducing us to this site.

    @twilola,hope you had great time with grand kids....

    love and hugs to all my favs. good night.

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  11. Wow. He looked so damn cute! I just wish I could have heard what he said *sigh*
    Thanks RPN for posting :).

  12. RPN, when a better quality comes in, any chance of updating into a newer post...or moving post to the top? not sure anyone really looks this far down for updates....i stumbled on this looking for a pic from last week.