Friday, November 5, 2010

Fans Get Rob's Autograph At Rio's Airport: They Have Arrived!

UPDATE: First pics are in! (at least one fan got to meet them) ;)

Fans caught up with Rob and Kristen as they left New Orleans bound for Brazil last night, and this morning they have landed in Rio. Fans were waiting for them when they arrived a few hours ago, and while they didn't get a chance to see them.. according to reports the two did sign autographs before leaving for their hotel. A fan also got their autographs on the flight to Rio.

Per BlogTwiBrasil:

Explaining why people got autographs but have not seen them: they were delivering the papers, posters, whatever, to the cops who were VERY nice and there were taking in to be autographed by Rob and Kristen and then they brought back. According to the report, Rob autographed all, Kristen just only one.
Apparently some press also got the chance to chat with Rob (briefly we're assuming).

Per BlogTwiBrasil:

"Robert was literally melting! Apologized to me after I shook his hand because he was all sweaty!" (via @LeoBonifacio)

"The his portuguese is it completely sucked! lol. But it was worth a try saying 'Eu amo o Rio de Janeiro'!" (via @LeoBonifacio)

@JackyGomes shared this report from Globo.com: (translation via Google)

A few hours after landing in Brazil, Robert Pattinson, Twilight, made his first appearance in the hotel window to enjoy the view from Copacabana beach. Kristen Stewart and actor arrived in Rio de Janeiro at 10:38 on a flight coming from Houston, USA. The flight, scheduled to land at 9:13 a.m., arrived late to the chagrin of dozens of fans waiting for their idols in Galleon. At about 13h, Mayor Eduardo Paes also arrived at the hotel.

From the airport they went straight to the hotel. Many fans, photographers and onlookers waiting for the actors in place, protected by a security scheme. For the general frustration, however, the input of the actors in the hotel was quiet - for a secondary entrance - making it impossible to connect the people with their idols. The group was six cars that were followed over the course of four batters.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will shoot scenes for "Breaking Dawn", the final film in Rio. Filming will take place in Paraty, on the southern coast of the state, and the Lapa, the bohemian neighborhood of the city. However, the actors will have Friday and Saturday off to get to know the city. A They should also have a meeting with the mayor, Eduardo Paes, next Wednesday, November 10.

And from QUEM Magazine:

No appointments scheduled for Friday and Saturday (6), the actors will have free time for sightseeing. On Monday (8), they embark by helicopter to Paraty. (Although we hear that could now be Sunday).

Of course Stephenie Meyer is also there.. :)

Bruna shared the details of her fan encounter at the Rio Airport:

After a long wait, the awaited time has come. The first to be seen was Robert "The first thing I saw was Rob, then I started to call him, of course, civilly, only that his aide was pushing me, then I despair, because he kept saying that I could not take pictures, "she said. But Bruna did not give up "I ran out, grabbed his hand, took the picture, I handed the shirt of Brazil soccer team, said it was from all Twilight fans and said she loved him very much. He laughed, thanked me and gave me a hug. "

After regaining consciousness, Bruna realized that Kristen was alone and tried to get closer to the actress "I ran out to talk to her, then she thanked me, gave me a hug and took a picture. Then they went off, " she said. And it was very close to that Bruna did not see Stephenie Meyer! "I was leaving, so then I heard 'heey, isn’t that girl who wrote the book?' And when I looked back it was Steph. I stared at her all scared and she laughed. Then I said I admired her work and she started talking to me. "

Later, Brazilian TV talked about the fan reaction to Rob and Kristen arriving in Rio.

Finally, Globo.com is reporting that Rob and Kristen had dinner at their hotel with Vin Diesel after doing some interviews with local media (rough translation):

On the evening of Friday, Vin Diesel, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had dinner together. The meeting of the stars of "The Fast and the furious five" and "Twilight" was promoted by the hotel where they are staying in Rio, the Copacabana Palace. The entire team of both productions of the films that are in Rio also attended the dinner.

Shortly before 18h, one of the halls of the Palace Cup was prepared to receive their distinguished guests. On the menu, delicious Brazilian cuisine prepared by the hotel buffet.
Before dinner, the duo Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart recorded interviews for a television program in the suite where they are staying. Robert made an appearance among the timid curtains for the sadness of the fans who played a space on the famous promenade in Rio.

Production Weekly just confirmed Breaking Dawn's principal production is set to begin Monday.. any guesses where? ;) - It's set to wrap April 22, 2011.Thanks for the translations and tips Brazilian fans, we'll update as information comes in!

Second autograph pic via source & fan pics by Bruna Monteiro. Video via source.


  1. let the madness begin! it's all very exciting. going to be a crazy 6 months.

  2. Like I tweeted earlier... Rob could sweat on my anyday!! The man is so sweet to have given the autograph signings like that... Exactly why I love him so...
    Are they in Brazil for filming of Breaking Dawn ie:Isle Esme scenes??

  3. It's Fun to share the excitement and craziness these two lovebirds and Twilight Saga hysteria creates...this is going to be a wonderful 6 months..it will be like 'xmas everyday!!

  4. It's the highlight of my workday - to come and and see our Robsten getting ready to START IT UP!!!! I hope they will really be able to get some sightseeing in...but don't know how in world that will ever happen. Poor guys.....

  5. LOVE THEM, lucky girl!

  6. baaaaa iam in venezuela so near! i want to be to brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How fun! ohh to be a movie star!

  8. I want to be a mosquito in Rio or should I say Paraty. I want to be Bill Condon's personal assistant just so I can see these two film the scenes that will define BD. I hope it is how I imagined in the book but better. Stephanie, plz do not keep it too pure I want some excitement like in The Notebook or The Blue Lagoon underwater action. Let this honeymoon commence. I want to see what Rob has been hiding under all those layers of clothes. Kristen you are one lucky woman and Rob one lucky guy. Hugs to my Favs.

  9. Its gonna be crazy! Yay to the beginning of filming of BD!!! Hope everyone stays SAFE there! AAAAaaaaaa! :)

  10. He's been manscaped in Edward-preparation ... look at those perfect eyebrows! ;-)

  11. Please make Robert´s eyebrows (and hair) look the same as in the first Twilight movie!!! (Edward supposed to be the most beautiful person...)♥

  12. Summit too me is not a well run machine, if they had the brains, they would have filmed Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse together as they did with Lord of the Rings. Robert's hair will not be like Twilight, it is still too short, I never cared about the hair, just how stunning he looked, I was mesmerized by that chisled jaw, those long sinewy fingers, those golden eyes, and briefly seen pecs after exiting the school field trip following Bella to the bus in Twilight, he looked like Adonis with a pea coat. I am certain he will still look dreamy in BD, just not so hairy.

  13. Oh @lluvthemovies, i love your description of Rob..ilove to see some water play too..I really hope those scenes will look as real as it can be...they have the best chemistry and i hope it comes through in vivid colours. i want to see them being entirely devoted to each other, no inhibitions.....i want to see more of Bella's love for Edward...please Stephanie give us that love you wrote in the book. That kind of love is not fiction, you can see it in real life too..So let us see it all ...

    @lluvthemovies, you are absolutely right...his hair is going to be short and I have this feeling they shaved his hair on his body....Eventhough I like a little hairy men, for Edward I think less hairy is better...to tell you the truth it doesn't matter as you said he will look dreamy anyway....he is Rob..

    Like everyone else I am excited for the news to come from Brazil...

    Love to all, especially to my favs

  14. oh ROB always sooo sweet!!!!!

    hi my FAVS!! hi @mrs.deen no time no see darling!! missed ya :)

    i'm stealing my bff's pc for a while..there's no one in hell tho :(

    i miss u guys a lot...and my new FAV @twilola hope to talk to u soon hun..

    i'm so happy that the madness is ON!! hehe

    kisses and hugs to all ROB fans and tks RPN!

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