Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just A Few Days To Go Japan!

The Japanese distributor in Japan has released an extended clip of Eclipse to promote its premiere (not the DVD as some are reporting) in that country this weekend. It includes part of the tent scene and more. Eclipse premieres in Japan November 6th.

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  1. Hello!!! to all Twilight fans in Japan!!ECLIPSE IS AWESOME!!hope you enjoy it..Especially the EDWARD AND BELLA scenes.!! hi to my favs and Twilola!!

  2. Hi twilightnan, I know Japan will luv Eclipse. You really have so much Bella and Edward. That meadow scene, the tent scene and of course the leg hitch scene. Rob looks so incredibly, handsome, I just wish they did not emasculate Edward in this movie. I hope BD makes up for that. Bill, I hope you reclaim what has been missing since the first film the true chemistry of these two individuals and that you mainly focus on these two individuals, especially the wedding, honeymoon, and the cottage scene, ooh la la.