Friday, November 26, 2010

Even Chris Martin Knows What Rob Means To Women Around The World

It was an extreme analogy but it got the point across. Recently Coldplay's Chris Martin spoke to Q magazine about what it would be like to be invited to participate in a popular music festival (Glastonbury).. his answer?

That’s like getting asked to dance by Robert Pattinson if you’re a young girl. Imagine if Robert Pattinson called and asked, 'Do you want to touch my balls?'.”

We don't know what's more disturbing, Chris knowing the impact Rob has on girls or us thinking it was a brilliant analogy. ;)

Photo: London.Jollypeople.com


  1. It's Chris "Brit" way of Saying He was ecstatic!!his comparison is weird but he is definitely in tuned with what is really hot!!you've got to love this dry Brit sense of Humour!Hi to my favs!!

  2. hahahaha i love this guy now..

    hi twilightnan!!!

    hi to my FAVS and every ROB fan in the planet!!
    tks for the update RPN :)

  3. @twilightnan..Chris could have picked a different analogy but you're right, he couldn't hold back that extremely dry Brit sense of humor of his. I guess from one Brit to another, Rob will understand the connotation.

    Hello Yaelfica, how've you been? See you in hell sometime soon???

    Hugs to the rest of the fabulous favs and everyone else in the fandom.