Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Look: Catalog Listing For 'Water For Elephants' Movie Tie-In Edition!

So it looks like we're getting 2 movie tie-in editions on March 1st! - Today we also got an update from director Francis Lawrence, who was back on set doing some reshoots.

And with April 15 getting closer, the film is getting a shoutout by Next Movie:

Based on the 2006 novel by Sara Gruen, “Water for Elephants” tells the tale of a man who, way back in the day, gave up a student’s life to become a vet for a traveling circus. Now an old man, he tells his tale of love and elephants to whoever happens to care — which, as it turns out, is just about everyone in Hollywood. RPattz is slated to play the young man, with Hal Holbrook playing the older version and Reese Witherspoon on board as the love interest. Finally, an older woman with a younger man; it’s about time, Hollywood!

via source & source - Thanks Carina!


  1. OMG, I really desperately want to see this movie. I want to see this more than any RP film to be released, even more than BD. I think this really could be a break-out role for him. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I have the book already but it is nice to see them on the new book cover, hopefully more people will read the book due to the tie-in.

  2. @Iluvthemovies,..I'm also looking forward to seeing this film,Rob looks so handsome on this new book cover,..not long now,anyway ,I'm glad to see your comments here today,..just got back from work it's 10.41pm..hugs to u and all the favs!!missing Rob and Kristen..hope to see a fan pics of them together soon!

  3. I agree with Iluvthemovies. I am really excited to see this book come to life with Rob as Jacob :)

  4. I am also really looking forward to this movie. I agree, this has the potential to show Rob's range. I have a niece (not a Rob fan) who when she saw photos of Rob as Jacob got very excited and said he looked perfect, just as she imagined when she read the book. Of course this was something we fans already knew. Now if we could just get a US release date for Bel Ami..... I cannot fathom why this is taking so long.