Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is This #2 Business?.. Rob Is Always #1!

Two articles in the last 24 hours talk about Rob as the runner-up in the race for the hottest of the hotties. First he was voted #2 in Fandango's Sexy Brits Poll:

Perfectly disheveled hair, squeal-worthy abs, and the qualities of a chivalrous gentleman. What more could a tween want? Pattinson embodies perfection (as Team Edward would attest) in the form of Twilight heartthrob Edward Cullen and Harry Potter Quidditch captain Cedric Diggory. Despite his other romantic roles in Little Ashes, Remember Me and Bel Ami, the popular heartthrob will likely have girls screaming "Bite me" for a loooong time.
Then MTV's Hollywood Crush put him at #2 as well, on its list of Harry Potter Hotties. Behind Tom Felton.
We would be remiss if RPattz didn't make it on our list, and—prepare your rotten veggies—I'll be the first to admit that I definitely think he is much hotter as Cedric Diggory than he is as Edward Cullen. Plus he has one of the top five most heartbreaking deaths in "Harry Potter" history, which earns him a top spot on this list. His death scene made me cry more than Sirius Black's, and that's saying something.

We don't even want to tell you where he landed on IMDb.. just keep clicking on his profile to get him to the top again! - Finally, if these latest US Weekly outtakes don't convince people that Rob is always #1 in the sexy department, don't know what will..

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