Friday, November 19, 2010

More Of Dan Radcliffe Talking Rob & The Simpsons 'Twilight' Parody

Dan talks about his "bizarre communication" with Rob through journalists and much more. At about 1:05.

Another thing he's not complaining about? Being compared to Robert Pattinson! "He's a lovely guy and he's doing brilliantly," says Radcliffe of the Twilight and former Harry Potter star. "I think we're both very lucky to be in the positions that we are."

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  1. I like Harry Potter and Daniel,he is a good lad,but I am now a Twilight/Robert Pattinson Fan..even in my Age..hihi..It's great that both are decent and respectful individuals and both are succesful..and of course..so proud both are Brits!!hi and hugs to my favs!