Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Behind The Scenes At The Meadow: 'Eclipse' DVD Preview Clip



  1. I wonder if that is the reason David Slade is not doing any commentary on this film, because Kristen and Rob as she mentions in the clip have their characters down and no one can mess with it. However, I believe as in the HP franchise, having multiple directors for the series, each director can bring something out of the actors that can improve their performances. IMO Rob and Kristen do not always seem to get it right, however, as each book is turned into a movie, their performances have improved. The commentary on the DVD and Blu ray is priceless.

  2. @lluvthemovies,how are you darling...hope you are ready for the Holidays...
    I think it is a good thing David Slade is not commenting instead we have the proucer and author commentary which hasn't happened on any other twilight DVD's......What i took from that clip is , they know the character, where it is going and no one can change that but they have nothing to do with the script and you are right each director particpate in improving the performance in a different way and as you said it has improved. I did not hear any commentary yet but i read Rob's and Kristen's. It sounds funny. I loved their commentary on Twilight. New Moon is a different story, I have not touched that David for a while now. Looking forward to getting the Eclipse DVD and watching every bit of it with my daughter. We will be ready with popcorn and M&M's. You want to join...let me know...

    Love you darling and all my favs too..

    Have wonderful Holidays everyone.

  3. Well, Hello!! to Mrs.Deen!!it's so nice to read your comments after a long time..I missed you!..I'm glad you're alright,anyway I wish I could join you with your Pop corns when you watch Eclipse on DVD..but there is quite a distance between us ..UK-USA..Wishing you and my dearest..Iluvthemovies,@JA,@Twilola..Happy Thanks Giving!! and not to forget my fave.. @Yaelfica,and @papagaj..Love you Guys Hugs to my favs and all Robert Pattinson's Fans around the world!!

  4. i think there is a Slade commentary on a non-US version.