Sunday, November 7, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Ready To Roll In Brazil!

UPDATE: According to Quem magazine  filming is also gonna take place in a Marina. These are the first pics, and are those their extras? that guy has sideburns. And hair. Okaay..

SPOILER ALERT: Don't continue reading if you don't want to know..

According to fan sites and media out of Brazil, the first Breaking Dawn scenes to be shot in that country will take place in a Rio neighborhood overnight. The streets have been blocked off and here are the first pictures from the scene.

BlogTwiBrasil is also reporting on the alleged scenes to be filmed there tonight:

The scene that they will shoot in Lapa is that they are in a taxi passing by a busy place.
No use going to the local of the filming, there are roadblocks and security everywhere. Even the residents were evacuated.

The president of the Rio Film Commission also tweeted this update:

 A wonderful day in Rio Ideal for filming. All right so far with Fast & Furious and Dawn. Work rewarded!

Those most responsible for The Fast & The Furious filming and Dawn in Rio are Mayor Paes and  Governor Cabral. Full support!
Check out the rest of the pictures from that set at Foforks. More pics here.Stay tuned for details as we get them!

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  1. You are welcome. I'm so glad to help you!

  2. hahah this is Brazil , enjoy guys , enjoy hahah !

  3. They evacated the locals... oh my life. I want to be the cabby driver!!

  4. Wow! it's amazing how they really work hard to deliver and make the film adaptation as close to what is in the book..Location wise..ahh Brazil.it looks like a great city!!.this is exciting for the fans to have the oppotunity to see a bit of Brazil!!it is wonderful to see pics of Rob and Kristen..looking so happy and relaxed!!

  5. Nooooooooooooo!!!!.... Do not put wig to Rob

  6. Chill guys. It has been confirmed that they are just stunt doubles :)

  7. I wonder how many guys that had to audition for Rob's stunt double, as if they could ever find anyone who actually looked like Rob.