Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ready For The OMG Moment Of The Day??.. Of The Year Really! - New Outtakes

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  1. great way to start my day...
    seeing these lovely outtakes!
    are there MORE?! I can't take it anymore!
    But keep them coming! haha

  2. RPN u deserve a shrine i honestly believe so!!

    ROB is..is..ok i need a moment...

    FAVS come and help me here!!! oh wow
    bebe shikito has done it again!!

    @ja @iluvthemovies @twilightnan @twilola @mrs.deen @papagaj-------->>>>HAPPY ROB DAY EVERYONE!! :D

  3. Wow it just gets better and better!

    He is gorgeous as always :)

  4. Fantastic photos! He has the most intriguing eyes I think.

    "Une lumiere qui brille dans un ciel de velours."

  5. He has the most intriguing everything ...He is a cutie pie...Each of his features are striking.

    @yaelfica, @lluvthemovies,@ ja, @twilightnan, @papagaj, @twilola and everyone else, have wonderful Holiday week ...4 days off is a good thing....Love and hugs to my favs...

    Thank you RPN, you are on top of things here....we are so lucky that we found you through @yaelfica

    Love you all

  6. Oh my....thanx for lighting my morning up *giggle*

  7. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY FAVS..AND TO ALL AMERICANS AND THEIR FAMILY!!Thanks so much RPN..these are Gorgeous Pics of ROB,he is a sight to behold!..I'm so busy clicking to save these pics I'll be running out of space soon...a very special Greetings to my favs..@Yaelfica,@Iluvthemovies,@JA,@Mrs.Deen,@Twilola,@papagaj..Hugs to u all!!Greetings from ENGLAND!!

  8. One more thought: I kind of miss his messy and a little overgrown hair...anybody else? *sigh*

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it! And have a nice holiday!!!

  9. Wow so amazing! He can come and eat my turkey any day!

  10. Gah!!!... Dead! Thank you for this!