Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dancing Is Apparently Not In The Stars For Rob & Kristen

There's a report flying around claiming that Rob and Kristen were approached to participate in Dancing with the Stars, but they both said no:
Both Pattinson and Stewart were contacted jointly, says the source, as ABC reportedly hoped to have the Twilight superstars face off in competition.
Whether the report is true or not we can't confirm, but wouldn't that have been something..

Read the complete article at Examiner.


  1. robsten is too big and too cool for "dancing with the stars".

  2. ITA with you@anonymous 9:59.. not putting "Dancing with the stars" down but IMHO Rob and Kristen are way too busy to get involved with this show right now; they do not really need any more publicity (they have more than they can handle right now) and they need all their time for their upcoming movies.

    Again, IMHO if this were true which I don't think it is, the show producers were prob name dropping knowing how much star power Rob and Kristen hold.

    Happy Monday to everyone most especially my favs, @twilightnan, @Iluvthemovies, @Yaelfica, @JA, @Mrs. Deen and @papagaj (even if I have not met you yet in Messenger!).

  3. @Twilola ITA
    And that show is for "stars" desperate for publicity...
    Yes Rob and Kristen are way toooo cool for that.