Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Eclipse' DVD Sneak Peek: Rob And Kristen Talk About The Tent Scene!

i-Tunes also posted several screencaps of the Eclipse DVD menu. We've posted the ones with Edward, but check out the rest!



  1. Rob is incredibly funny in this commentary and I luv how he tried to say an Arnold Palmer. Kristen has such a sweet giggle and laugh, that is why I can listen to them all day. The chemistry is there while they are talking, they can be thousands of miles away and it is there that great connection. Rob's disgust over Jacob is priceless. Tks RPN for the clip.

  2. I love them. I could listen to them all day! wait a minute. The DVD will have like the WHOLE entire movie with them talking? that would be awesome!!!!! can't wait for december 4th.

  3. Love them! Cant wait to hear all the commentery i have preordered the DVD cant wait till I have it xD

  4. has anyone heard that Target is having a midnight release??