Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Countdown To Sexiest Man Alive: Rob In The Mix

As People Magazine starts giving clues about the list of contenders for its Sexiest Man Alive title that will be announced later this month, they've already given a shoutout to Rob as one of the sexiest guys at every age:

The question is: What's not sexy about the Twilight star? Case in point: Pattinson, with his signature messy hair and intense stare, ignites mass hysteria wherever he goes. "I don't know how the Beatles felt, but very few human beings could ever get this"
Now we just have to wait and see if People acknowledges what we already know.. Rob owns that title hands down! - The winner will be announced November 17.


  1. I am hoping that People gets it right this time. As much as I luv Johnny Depp, he recently has not been the sexiest anything, great actor, not sexy IMO at this time. With the recent photoshoot, Rob just makes mere females of all ages drool and make heavy sighs when they see pics like that. He is a talented pianist and guitarist and has all sorts of porn pointed out, hair, jaw, and finger porn being just a few. Don't mess it up People, do a bit of a change and select a younger candidate instead of over 40. Rob has female admirers from all ages, it is hard to find many actors who can say that.

  2. let's think about this...who else could it possibly be?

    Clooney? - again, probably not.
    Damon? - he did have a baby this year...ppl like that
    McConaughey? - he hasn't done much the last year but have kid.
    Gyllenhaal _ probably my closest pick if not rob, he is looking good in his latest movies.
    Depp - i think ppl are over him
    Jackman - cute, but not my type
    A pop star (timberlake, Jonas Brother?) - YUCK

    I really think its between Rob and Gyllenhaal. Both young, making movies and haven't won the title yet. wish we could vote!

    PS i hope its not Beckham.

  3. it's impossible to be objective, but i don't think anyone in hollywood even comes close to rob's sexiness. the funniest thing to me was the god-awful pic they used for depp on last year's sexiest cover. there was a little pic of rob on that cover, and it still boggles my mind that i didn't even notice him at that point in time?!

  4. No doubt about it! Seen many, only one choice and so way ahead of the others: Robert Pattinson has got it all!

  5. @Nicole,
    I agree Jake must be considered and I think these other two may as well, but I don't find them sexy but others may, Ryan Gosling and James Franco. Brillant actors but the sex appeal is not there for me for either of these two. When Rob is on a cover he shines. I know I will be salivating when I see him on the cover as Sexiest man alive.

  6. I was looking at the pictures you posted yesterday and that very first one... that picture tells it all about Rob's sex appeal... In that suit he looks simply stunning!

  7. also Ryan Reynolds has a chance. Maybe...
    UGGG not Franco. But i bet he will be in the top 15 with all the press he has gotten lately.
    do we know when the list comes out?

  8. @Nicole,..you have got a wicked list of potential or( no chance )winner of the title The Sexiest Man Alive!!those on your list are some of the actors that I admired in the past but none of those has made me..as @Iluvthemovies said.."Drool and make heavy sighs"..like when looking at pictures of Robert Pattinson...He has got to be the Sexiest Man Alive 2010..there is no one like him in Hollywood at the present time!! hi to my favs and Twilola!!

  9. Concerteza Robert é o mais sexy ' lindo demais :)

  10. No one makes this old lady gasp like Rob does. Old outtakes..stills...I don't care. We all know who the real winner is.

  11. @twilightnan

    Defiantly not "My List", more like who i think might have a chance. I only have eyes for Rob :) HA!