Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lots of Eric In New Cosmopolis Teaser!

In English without the subtitles. From the official Cosmopolis FB page


We asked for LOTS of Eric, and we sure got him! - rumored to be premiering at Cannes, Cosmopolis opens in French theaters May 23rd. And according to Allocine, we'll be getting 1 hour and 48 minutes of Rob. Frankly, don't know if we can take it. More details as we get them! 

Here is the 'Cosmopolis poster in HQ from the official Facebook page

Badass Rob is soooo HOT!

Favorite one.. awesome in so many ways!

The rest

In case it gets pulled on YouTube, watch below.


  1. Omg.... was he getting it on with a woman in the back of a limo?? Whoa, dude... lol such a change of his usual characters.

  2. omg he really loose control in this movie,awesome movie can't wait !!!

  3. My Lord! He....I am so speechless!!! Oh my!! I think my panties just got wet....

  4. He looks so hot here.. but the best thing is that he actually shows how good he is at acting. It's such a different character and he looks pretty insane in some of the pictures.
    I'm happy and turned on.. yep..

  5. Helllll-ooooooo Eric !!! Good bye Edward !!! Robert Pattinson knew what he was doing when he signed with Cronenberg! Great career move for an A lister who can now reallllly show the world a stretch of his true acting chops! Next stop----someone should sign Pattinson to work with Nicholson......THAT would be so cool! He has the ability, now let's see Hollywood make THAT happen!

  6. You are a super actor the maximum thing I follow you in all your movies they are a super super maximum :)