Monday, November 8, 2010

New Pics: 88 Smoldering Reasons Why We Can't Wait For 'Breaking Dawn'

More HQ pics from last night's filming in Rio. Click to enlarge.



Check out the rest.
Thanks Setje at Pattinson Life.


  1. I can't believe we have to wait a year to see this :(

  2. I'd like to know why married!Edward is not wearing his wedding ring.

  3. I am certain they can CGI a wedding ring on his finger. ITA though it is going to be a long wait for this movie. However, we still have pics of them filming and soon we will have WFE to soothe the savage beast and then the trailers will start showing up. All good things to those who wait.

  4. Yes ladies, we will be counting the days before we can enjoy BD in its entirety. Let us not quibble about the wedding ring or the lack of it; what's important is that we can see the glow of love on the glorious faces of these two and the heavenly joy it brings all of us. Such a memorable night in Rio filled with so much thrill and anticipation..........let the honeymoon begin!