Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' In Brazil = Field Day For The Press

Globo TV (with footage of filming at the Rio Marina Sunday)

Brazilian magazine Contigo covers the filming in Rio.

Check out the rest of the scans at Foforks.

Cover of HOLA Brazil via Spunk Ransom

Veja magazine scans via Foforks.

And while we got an update from the Isle Esme set earlier today, here's the latest one courtesy of Veja (Google translate version).

Producers tried hard, but it is impossible to hide all the equipment involved in the filming of Breaking Dawn, the fourth film in the "Twilight" saga, in a quiet and paradisiacal coast of Paraty. The production crew and actors spent the day in Mamangu√°, a businessman's mansion rented for the filming, that naturally attracted  the local paparazzi, the curious and, by necessity, many security guards.

Photographers were hoping to that in the large glazed areas of the mansion's 15 rooms, they could catch a glimpse of actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the honeymoon couple. Alerted by the buzz, the producers covered the area where filming was taking place with a kind of giant screen, frustrating those who tried by sea, to have a view of the scene.

The airspace was also closed by the aeronautical authorities, preventing images from helicopters over the house. Those who tried to approach the side of the private beach boats were escorted by private security team hired by the Americans. Some fans also tried to see their idols with the help of binoculars.

The house where the recordings take place is worthy of cinema. A large wooden walkway connects the two wings of the second floor, where the rooms are. Besides the main building, there is an attachment in an elevated part of the land. Since last week, furniture and decorative objects of the original owners of the house have been wrapped or covered with canvas and equipment began to be placed in the main hall.

Around the mansion movement was visible since last weekend. A ferry with two large generators were brought to the vicinity of the house - another smaller generator was taken to the room of the mansion.

The first day of filming in Paraty occurred at a waterfall in the neighborhood Taquari in a private area, where the actors were housed in trailers.
Generator in the room of the mansion?... ;) Stay tuned for more from Brazil.


  1. This secluded Beach house is a dream..in .beautiful paradise settings..like everyone I'm very impressed by the security!!I can't wait for new pics of Rob and Kristen together again!!! hugs to my favs..!!

  2. Ok, I think this is hysterical, Kristen showing Rob how to steer the boat. This is when prepartion is key and should have been practiced. I would think if you know you are going to steer a boat, you would have practiced way before landing in Baton Rouge, so you look like a pro. Instead my buddy Rob, is out drinking with friends, which is fine, but Rob these are the things that will enhance your performance, this is what separates the men from the boys, from great actors to just so-so. Hey bud, start practicing these things before hand, I tell you it will impress those around you. We know you are kind but that does not get you great scripts or word of mouth on what you can do. I luv ya, this is called tough luv.

  3. ok i'm not fully back but i'm here and missing everyone!!
    i am as excited as all my FAVS and fans in general about this filming...
    ROB looks ashot as ever tho i hate that he always gets away with things like the hair....what??? bill C. don't let ROB get away with everything! i mean i'm a huge fan of ROB and i like edward as much as any other character ROB has played to be honest BUT edward should look a certain way and ROB is doing anything he pleases with it tho i would let him do anything he want with wtv he wants, bill c. shouldn't IMO

    enough with the ranting tks SO much RPN for everything!!!

    i love my FAVS and i pray to GOD to be back in full mode myself too hehe...

  4. Way to go, Iluvthemovies...you always give it straight. He did practice a little bit in boat steering if we can believe the news we read but Kristen was probably calling him out again at the same time that she was demonstrating her own boat steering prowess. Anyhow, that chemistry between them is just undeniable and will make up for little glitches during the filming. Editing will take care of the rest.
    Ease up on the young man a little bit although I know you give him tough love because you want him to do good in his craft.
    The Rio romance was just unbelievable in its splendor. With that kind of a heavenly location, here's hoping the island shoots are to die for, steamy and tender as honeymoon scenes are supposed to be. Ms S. Meyer, please do not use that censure stick too much; let the actors work with their natural flow.
    Yaelfica, welcome back, Uriel!! How did you like all those juicy pics and vids? Hugs to the fabulous favs and thanks to the RPN gals for your dedication to all things Rob.