Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Singer Has A Thing For Edward

Up-and-coming musician Christina Perri recently talked to PopEater about her music and her love for everything Twilight:

You're also a big 'Twilight' fan, right?

Yes. I am a full on Twihard. I read all the books in like a month, and I have the book covers framed on my walls. I wait in line at the box office to go see the movies to get a good seat. I pre-order the DVDs. I'm totally in love with Edward Cullen. I even wrote a song about him. I'm such a big dork.

Is that song going to be on your album?

It actually might be. I really am demoing it right now. It's hilarious.

Will you be trying to get on the 'Breaking Dawn' soundtrack?

That has been one of my dreams from day one, especially with signing with Atlantic and them being affiliated [with it]. Everybody on my whole team knows.

Read the rest at PopEater.
Photo: BillSilvaentertainment.com


  1. How cool! I hope to hear that song. And I really hope she does make it to the soundtrack. Although Summit's theme seems to be Academy award association...so, maybe the soundtrack list might come from stablished-award-winning artists...or at least thats my guess....if that's true, she may not make it...I still hope it ends up on her album :).
    Thanks RPN for post.

  2. I think that Rob should get to do a couple of songs for the last two movies soundtracks, and I think him and Kristen should sing one together and put it on the last cd soundtrack. These are the two that Twilight is all about and I think the fans would go wild over this. I wished we knew who to tell this too where it can get done.

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